Matchbox Toys Could Race Away At Auction

20th December 2021

A collection of Matchbox Models could race away when they go under the gavel.

Discovered at the back of a wardrobe in a Nottinghamshire home, the forgotten collection of more than sixty models could achieve four figures when they are put up for sale in the New Year.

The owner of the collection explains "The toys were purchased for myself and my brother during the 1950's as we grew up in Liverpool. It was tradition that we would both receive one or two Matchbox Toys for Christmas and Birthdays, a present so exciting that we couldn't wait to rip off the wrapping paper to see which model we would reveal". 

"My father was a travelling rep and toys may well have come as part of his job. I certainly remember him going to the Harrogate toy fair and I definitely had the best dolls house on our road".

"When we moved from Liverpool to Bolton in the 1960's the toys came too, in the small leather case in which they are still stored today. In Bolton my brother and I had moved on to other interests but my mother kept the case of toys in her wardrobe and they moved with her as the years passed. I had almost forgotten about the toys completely, it wasn't until my mother passed away that I found the toys in a suitcase at the back of the wardrobe".

Sean Devitt, Head of the Toy and Juvenalia Department at Bamfords Auctioneers said "This is a remarkable collection which hasn't seen the light of day for almost fifty years. When I opened the brown suitcase for the first time I was absolutely amazed to see a sea of yellow boxes staring back at me". 

"Toys have this remarkable ability of transporting us back to a time and place within our childhood and when I first saw this collection I was immediately taken back to my childhood".

"A collection like this is always a pleasure to market and Matchbox Models are always a huge hit with collectors both here in the United Kingdom and Worldwide, but especially within the United States". 

The collection which will make up the first twenty lots of the auction will be offered in the 8th March 2022 Toys, Juvenalia and Memories of Childhood Auction. If you have any consignments for this sale then please call 01332 210000 or email

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