Jewellery & Watches

Without question, the section attracting most interest from our private female clients in the bi-monthly fine art auctions is jewellery.

Fine diamond pendants, diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald rings, broaches, and necklaces as well as strings of pearls fill the cabinets. From traditional designs after the antique to modern studio made pieces prices range from low hundreds to hundreds of thousands.

This section also includes a fine section of watches from the history of time-keeping, pair cased pocket watches, hunter pocket watches, through to those by the great names such as Rolex, Patek-Phillippe, Cartier, Vacheron, and Constantine etc.

Fine jewellery takes place bi-monthly with weekly auctions for the easy to afford pieces.

If you have an item you’d like valued please visit us at one of our many Valuation Days or request an online valuation here.