Bamfords Charitable Work

Bamfords charitable credentials are second to none.  Working alongside those who care for children, the homeless and the elderly, as well as leading the way on wildlife trade issues with Born Free and other wildlife organisations.  In 2015 Bamfords donated £40,000 to the Born Free Foundation to fund anti-poaching patrols in Africa.

Bamfords founder and CEO, James Lewis, has been a patron of Born Free for 16 years, alongside Joanne Lumley, Martin Clunes, Virginia McKenna and Helen Worth.  He also now works as patron of the International Gorilla Foundation alongside Stanley Johnson.

However, most of the animal rescues are far closer to home.  Many deceased estates contain something that would have been far more precious to its owner than the furniture, paintings, silver or jewellery that most auction rooms accommodate, and that is their companion pet.  Whether it is a dog, cat, horse, budgie or goldfish, Bamfords Pet Home Finder Service is here to help.  We accept animals whenever we can and guarantee lifetime care for all.


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