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Probate Valuations

Bamfords offer an efficient, professional and confidential service to executors of deceased estates. On receiving instruction, one or more of our experienced valuers will visit and carry out the valuation, from the contents of a small terraced house to a country estate.

Bamfords will provide, in duplicate, a bound inventory or certificate, usually within seven days of the initial visit. If required, items of value can be removed immediately by our in-house removers and stored for safety. Properties can be cleared, including all items for auction, items of no auctionable value and any personal documentation can be retained, handed back to the executors or destroyed where requested.

Clothing and items of little value can be sorted and donated to charity. We also can help in offering a pet home finding service for the deceased beloved companions, which often can be a problem if the relatives are abroad or have unsuitable accomodation. Any specific bequests can be identified, valued individually and dispersed. All saleable goods not bequested can be removed and placed into an appropriate sale.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, 01332 210 000, or by e-mail,