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Natasha Muir

After completing a first degree in History at Royal Holloway University of London, Natasha worked as a property consultant in Knightsbridge. After returning to assist in the running of her family’s country house in Derbyshire she decided on a change of direction and studied for a second degree in Fine Arts Valuation at Solent University Southampton and was awarded a first and the prestigious ‘Borders’ prize for her dissertation on “An Examination of the Influence of Science, During the Industrial Revolution, on the Leading artists and Craftsmen of the Time, Through their Membership of the Birmingham Lunar Society.”

She joined Bamfords in 2004 as a junior valuer and has since helped to develop the weekly general sales.

Natasha is a Senior Valuation Assessor and spends much of her time valuing clients' items in house and advising on a range of antiques at the company's many valuation roadshows.

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