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Alan Judd

Alan Judd MA (Hons) ran his own business from 1972 until 2010 during which time he graduated from University of St. Andrews with a degree in Logic, Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy. A historian and researcher, Alan is regarded internationally as an expert on the token and counterfeit coinage of the 18th century.

For twenty-five years he was the voice of coins on BBC Radio while working for leading auctioneers Neales. He joined Bamfords to head the new Collectors department.

A collector since the age of seven he now specialises in medals, coins, tickets, passes and tokens. Alan prides himself on his knowledge of history and his ability to find answers to difficult questions and provenance.

Alan is the International Vice President of the Conder Collectors Club and a former President of the Numismatic Society of Nottingham.

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