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Toys And Juvenalia

Toys and Juvenalia are a strong and lively area of the antique market. Over recent years Bamfords toy auctions have grown considerably and unlike many firms Bamfords offer a Specialst dedicated solely to this section.
The great names of Dinky, Corgi, Hornby, Tri-ang, Marklin, Gebruder Bing, Georges Carette, Steiff, Simon & Halbig, Scucho, Armand & Marseille all feature regularly in our specialist sales.
The main categories of Dolls, Teddy Bears, Tin Plate, Die-Cast Models, and Trains and Model Railway are all well represented here.
In July 2011 Bamfords famously sold Don Hogarths Dinky Toy collection comprising of over 1,000 die-cast models, one of the largest die-cast toy collections ever seen at auction with a 100% successful sold rate!

Department headed by James Lewis

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