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Medals Coins & Collectables

Coins remain a strong area of the collectibles market with high prices seen in part due to the strong gold and silver prices and buyers seeking alternative investment opportunities.
Medals are also highly popular among collectors and enthusiasts with an almost insatiable appetite seen in recent years. Medals, obviously, hold a very personal connection to the recipient or family member, usually accompanied with stories of bravery and heroism. Treating the recipient / story with respect is of upmost importance.
Our specialist has a passion for both coins and medals bolstered by a retentive memory for all the idiosyncrasies entailed. He is more than happy to assist clients with gold coins, silver coins, milled coins, pre-decimal coins, proof sets and all types of medals from the much sought a after Waterloo medal through the Crimean, Boer, First and Second World Wars to more recent campaign medals.

Department headed by Alan Judd

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