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Toy and Juvenalia Sale May 2017 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
Lots 2000 to 2024     Page 1 of 7
A Bruno Schmidt bisque head doll, with brown glass sleeping eyes, open mouth, two upper teeth, brown wig, jointed composition limbs, 22cm high, impressed marks in heart, c.1919


SOLD £60.00
An early 20th century oak dolls chair, the rectangular back with two turned spindles, block stretchers, c.1930


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
A mid 20th century composition black doll, sleeping brown eyes, red painted mounth, lambs wool hair, plastic `Cinderella` shoes, No.2, 42cm high, c.1940


SOLD £25.00
A Norah Welling felt doll, blond hair, painted features, red shoes, 45cm high, c.1940


SOLD £25.00
A late 19th century German musical marotte, possibly Armand Marseille, with painted features, open blue eyes, open mouth with four upper teeth, wearing a pink and turquoise jester style costume, with pom-pom tassels, lofty hat, turned wooden stick, 38cm high, c.1890


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
Doll's House Furniture - an early 20th century two piece bedroom suite; a tin plate perdonium; fire hearth; rocking chair; two side chairs; a German plastic four piece conservatory suite; etc


SOLD £40.00
An Armand Marseille doll, with sleeping blue eyes, open mouth with four teeth, joined body, 16cm high, marked Germany, 390, A3/0M


SOLD £70.00
Armand Marseille - a composite head baby doll, sleeping blue eyes, open mouth, painted moulded hair, impressed A.M Germany 520/5 1/2, cloth body and limbs, 57cm long


est £0.00 - £0.00 (unsold)
A clock work wind up plastic head baby doll, open mouth, painted fixed blue eyes, blond hair, cloth body with wooden disk winder, plastic limbs, approx 45cm long


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
Armand Marseille - a bisque head doll, sleeping blue eyes, closed mouth, impressed 341/8.K A.M. Germany, composite body and limbs, painted hair, 51cm long


SOLD £50.00
An original retro vintage Denys Fisher Six Million Dollar Man ' Colonel Steve Austin ' action figure doll, New Bionic Grip version, with girder and instructions, boxed, c.1975


SOLD £65.00
Remco - The Amazing Energized Spider-Man action figure, battery operated climbing Spider-Man figure with web, beam flashlight and clamp, No R2473M, boxed


SOLD £40.00
An Edwardian French bisque head doll, sleeping blue eyes, open mouth, brown hair, composite body and limbs, indistinctly marked to head, original clothing, 47cm long, provenance with two postcard photographs (3)


SOLD £100.00
Sindy & Barbie Dolls - a 1974 Sindy doll, long brunet hair, marked 033055X to neck; another 1971 Trendy Girl, marked 033029 to shoulders, ash blond hair; a Barbie Midge, bubble cut blond hair; others smaller, assorted clothing and accessories, Sindy Camping Buggy and Tent etc part boxed qty


SOLD £45.00
A Silver Cross coach built dolls Twins pram with two Minifon record p[laying talking dolls, marked Minifon Italy, each with moulded plastic heads, sleeping eyes, blond hair, battery operated internal record player, cloth body, hand knitted clothes, each approx 56cm long; others smaller (4 dolls and Pram) (5)


SOLD £70.00
Pedigree Sindy Toys - including Horse box, Range Rover 44769; Wardrobe 44502, Garden Furniture 44386, Bed & Bedclothes, 44603, Horse and Gig/carriage, Premiere Sindy 42106; Glow Disco 44263; 2 Gen 1077 033055X doll; horse jumping fences, bushes etc; Hasbro Sindy City Girl and Sindy Double Fun, part boxed, qty


SOLD £90.00
Pedigree Sindy Toys - including House 44570; Dining Table and chairs, 44582; Bath 44540; Shower 44573; Wash Basin Unit 44541; Wall Oven 44550; Camping Buggy & Tent, 44542; two Sindy dolls 033055X and 2 Gen 1077 033055X; assorted clothes, shoes, clothes rack, Horse and foal etc; a Mattel Barbie Dolls Dog Beauty, mostly boxed qty


est £80.00 - £120.00 (unsold)
Barbie - a pair of Harley Davidson Motor Cycle special collection Barbie and Ken dolls, limited edition, both boxed; two others similar (4)


SOLD £80.00
A Heubach and Koppesdorf 300/0 bisque character doll, sleeping blue eyes, open mouth, sprung tongue, brown wig, composite body and limbs, wearing a white lace nightdress, socks and booties, impressed marks, 43cm long


SOLD £55.00
Doll's House furniture - early 20th century Pit-a-Pat and other branded miniature furniture and accessories inc Table and chairs; sideboards; bookshelf; Dresser; tin plate range cooker and pans; Art Deco side cabinet; Bath, WC, rugs, textiles, plates, flatware, animals, etc qty (2 boxes)


SOLD £85.00
An Armand Marseile 390 bisque head doll, sleeping brown eyes, open mouth, brown hair, composite body and limbs, impressed marks, 72cm long


SOLD £80.00
Armand Marseille - a 518 bisque headed baby doll, impressed 518 3 k ,with sleeping blue eyes, open mouth, composition jointed body, 36cm long


SOLD £30.00
An Armand Marseille black doll, sleeping brown eyes, open mouth, two lower teeth, composite joined body, 63cm long, impressed A M German, 351/7 1?2k; a mosses basket


SOLD £90.00
A Merrythought jointed mohair bear, horizontal stitched snoa, large ears, wrexine pads, 58cm high, label to foot, c.1960; another, 1980; a Merythought hobby horse, 89cm long (3)


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
Lots per page: 24
Lots 2000 to 2024     Page 1 of 7
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