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Three Day Fine Art and Antique Sale March 2017 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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An Andrew Stevenson Chinese Traders plate, printed in blue with figures and their wares crossing a bridge, 21cm diam, c.1830; another, Palladian Porch pattern, 25cm diam, c.1830; another, with banyan tree, figures and building, 25cm diam; etc (4)


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
A 19th century Pearlware bowl, the exterior decorated in blue with stylised pagoda, fence and figure, the interior with pagoda, banded border, 27.5cm diam, c.1800


SOLD £50.00
An early 19th century Chinaman and Vase pattern part supper set, comprising four crescent shaped dishes and three covers, printed in underglaze blue with figures, building, boat, bamboo and bridge, the border with cartouches and wild rose blossom, each dish 31cm wide, c.1820; etc


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A Boyle Antique Scenery St Albans Abbey Hertfordshire blue and white oval meat plate, 28cm wide, printed mark, A Pugh-Thomas Collection label, c.1850; another, shaped circular, Kirkstall Abbey, 25cm diam, printed mark; a side plate, Wingfield, Suffolk, 16cm diam, printed mark, A Pugh-Thomas Collection labels; etc (4)


SOLD £120.00
A George Jones majolica Squirrel nut dish, moulded with squirrel holding an acorn, the shaped dish in relief with branch, leaves and buds, in tones of brown, green and turquoise, 26cm wide, impressed mark, date code for 1869


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
*Please note that there are five pieces in this lot and not six as previously catalogued.* A Herculean shaped circular plate, View in the Fort, Madura, 24.5cm diam, c.1840; another, Chase After A Wolf, Oriental Sports series, printed wolf with a lamb in its mouth being chased by dogs, and Indian hunters brandishing spears and stones, the border decorated with tigers, bears, wild boars, and birds, 25.5cm diam, printed mark, c.1840; a Spode Girl at the Well pattern bowl, 24cm diam, c.1840; etc (5)


SOLD £100.00
A large creamware jug, inscribed in red Success to Trade, the sides with peonies and flowerheads, in pink and red with green foliage banded rim, 23cm high, c.1770


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
A Masons Ironstone octagonal jug, decorated with large flowerheads and foliage in cobalt blue and iron-red, lamprey eel handle, 21cm high, printed mark; others, various sizes (14)


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A Minton majolica Mermen and Laurel jardiniere, the vase with everted rim and laurel swags supported by two mermen, coloured in cobalt blue, green, brown and flesh tones, turquoise interior, 32cm high, impressed marks, shape no.1368, date code for 1870 . Condition Report: Overall good condition, small pin point prick chip to base, couple of flake glaze chips to rushes in mermans hair,


est £1000.00 - £1500.00 (unsold)
A pair of Scottish bird feeders, sponged in blue, the rim with red spots within green trellis, 5cm high, c.1860


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A pair of Wedgwood black basalt candlesticks, bell shaped sconces, spreading pillars and circular bases sprigged with Classical muses and a band of meandering leafy stems and paterae, 18cm high, impressed mark, 19th century


SOLD £120.00
A Samuel Alcock & Co The Royal Patriotic jug, printed in monochrome with wounded soldiers and grieving family, bordered in green and brown, mask and scroll handle, 20cm high, printed mark


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A Spode Rome/Tiber pattern circular plate, printed in blue with bridge, column and domed building, 24.5cm diam, impressed mark, c.1820; another, 23cm diam, c.1820; a Rogers Camel pattern plate, printed in blue with man riding a camel before a temple, 24.5cm diam, c.1840; a Rogers Monopteros pattern circular plate, printed with with ruins of a building near Firoz Shah's Cotilla, Delhi, 24.5cm diam, c.1860 (4)


SOLD £140.00
A Staffordshire two-handled chamber pot, the rim inscribed in black For A Kiss I'll Hand You This, Hand It Over To Me My Dear, the sides inscribed with verse To The Wife and A Present, the interior with comical male profile, the sides with scenes, Love and Beauty, Going to the Races and True Repentance, 35cm over handles, c.1880


SOLD £110.00
A Sunderland lustre mug, printed in puce with Queen Caroline with in oval cartouche with flowers of the British Isles, deep copper lustre band, Sunderland lustre rim, angular handle, c.1820


est £120.00 - £180.00 (unsold)
A Wedgwood British Scenery plate, printed in underglaze blue with figures boating, 24.5cm diam, c.1830; another; a Spode Italian pattern plate, 25cm diam, impressed mark, c.1830; a similar bowl; etc (8)


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A Wedgwood majolica oval game pie tureen and cover, moulded in relief with floral swags, dead game tendrils, winged mystical birds to sides, the cover with bird finial, in colours on a brown ground, 23cm wide, impressed marks


SOLD £75.00
A Wedgwood Pearlware candlestick, dished sconce, fluted column, spreading square fluted base, leaves to angles, picked out overall in blue, 23.5cm high, impressed mark


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
An 18th century Delft plate, decorated in manganese, blue and green, 22.5cm diam, c.1760


SOLD £70.00
An 18th century slipware jug, with geometric motif in brown on an ochre ground, strap handle, 15cm high


SOLD £55.00
A large 19th century ovoid stoneware ovoid jug, probably Turner, sprigged in low-relief with the hunt at full cry, acanthus angular scroll handle, 28cm high, c.1830


est £30.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
An early 18th century Delft fluted shaped circular charger, painted in tones of blue and white with ho-ho birds within panels of leaves and flowers, 33cm diam, c.1700 (faults)


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A Brampton salt glazed stoneware jelly mould, in relief with wheatsheaf, 16cm wide, c.1860; others, various (10)


SOLD £70.00
A Belper & Denby Bourne's Potteries Derbyshire salt glazed stoneware reform flask, Brougham's Reform Cordial, Henry Brougham stands, bewigged, holding a scroll inscribed The a Second Magna Charta, 18cm high, c.1832


SOLD £60.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 23     Page 1 of 61
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