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Gentleman’s Library and Grand Tour of Auction Curiosities Sale March 2017 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
Lots 3000 to 3022     Page 1 of 26
A 17th century oak architectural fragment, carved with acanthus, shell cresting, strapwork border, 39.5cm high, 28cm wide, c.1640


SOLD £90.00
A 19th century alabaster portrait roundel, of John Calvin (1509-1564), turned frame, 12.5cm diam, c.1870


SOLD £55.00
A 19th century Anglo-Indian hardwood clerk's box, hinged cover enclosing well apertures, a lift-out tray and three lidded compartments, the sides with fluted panels, skirted base, bracket feet, 36.5cm wide, c.1850


SOLD £65.00
A 19th century Anglo-Indian hardwood wall boss, boldly carved as ram's head, 31cm high, c.1880


SOLD £150.00
A 19th century Anglo-Indian porcupine quill and horn desk inkstand, pen rest superstructure with turned bail handle above a faceted clear glass well, serpentine base with pen recess, bun feet, 32cm wide, c.1880


SOLD £300.00
A 19th century armorial bookplate/ex-libris, of Edward Barnett, copper engraving, 8.5cm x 6.5cm, mounted, ebonised frame, the verso inscribed Obtained from J.H. Drew who was a collector of book plates. And [incorrectly] states this one was England about 1780, the whole 19.5cm x 17cm


est £0.00 - £0.00 (unsold)
A 19th century railway diorama, by Tolmer, the watercolour and ink provincial town, hill and marsh panorama applied with a card locomotive an passenger carriages, 15cm x 34cm


SOLD £420.00
A 19th century Black Forest rectangular box, carved as a rustic crate, the front with trailing ivy, caterpillar and insects, 35cm wide, c.1880


SOLD £320.00
A 19th century bone child's rattle, pierced fretwork baluster barrel, turned handle with whistle to base, 14.5cm long, c.1840


est £30.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
A 19th century brass desk 'gimbal' globe, set on a baring within an horizon band, domed base, 39.5cm high


est £300.00 - £400.00 (unsold)
A 19th century bronze novelty pen stand, as a street vendor, he stands, a basket on his back, rectangular Sienna marble base, 16cm high, c.1880


SOLD £40.00
A 19th century bronzed figure, of a Highland soldier, he stands, in traditional uniform, mounted on a serpentine dish, 15cm high, c.1880


SOLD £65.00
A 19th century bronzed library model, the Venus de Milo, after the Antique, rectangular marble base, 41cm high


SOLD £190.00
A 19th century burr walnut and marquetry three-section waterfall stationery letter rack, inlaid with barberpole stringing, outlined throughout with brass banding, skirted rectangular base, 20.5cm high, c.1890


SOLD £95.00
A 19th century cast and wrought iron desk weight, as an acanthus bud, wrythen posted handle, shaped circular base, 16cm high, c.1880


est £20.00 - £30.00 (unsold)
A 19th century church warden pipe, Meerschaum bowl, horn stem, silver-coloured metal ferule, 42cm long, cased en suite, c.1880


est £70.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A 19th century Continental ebonised table box, hinged cover with inset etched copper panel, the border and sides chip-carved with lunettes and palmettes, brass escutcheon, bracket feet, 32.5cm wide, c.1890


SOLD £35.00
A 19th century copper coats of arms, embossed with German armorial bearings, 23cm wide; another, the British royal coat of arms, 15cm (2)


SOLD £70.00
A '19th century' dark patinated cabinet bronze, of Napoleon, square marble plinth, skirted square base, 11.5cm high


SOLD £50.00
A 19th century dark patinated cast iron novelty desk weight, as a hand, a cabochon ring on the index finger, 12.5cm high, c.1870


SOLD £110.00
A 19th century Folk Art figure, carved as a bee keeper, she stands beside the skep, inspecting an insect on her hand, 50cm high


SOLD £260.00
A 19th century French bone devotional icon or plaque, carved with the Madonna supported by Seraphim and Cherubim, within a garland border of wheat, flowers and scrolling foliage, the frame with shell and C-scroll cresting, brown velvet ground, 21.5cm long


est £200.00 - £250.00 (unsold)
A 19th century French gilt bronze and champlevé enamel fan-shaped desk stand, applied with a scantily clad classical lady and infant, allegorical of Cupid and Psyche, flanked by a pair of urnular wells, C-scroll pen rest, 27cm wide, c.1890


SOLD £110.00
A 19th century French stained bone child's spelling alphabet, mahogany box with sliding cover, 22.5cm wide overall


SOLD £380.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 3000 to 3022     Page 1 of 26
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