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Gentleman's Library, Grand Tour and Auction of Curiosities June 2015 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A 17th century style bronze table bell, crested by a bearded man wearing a bicorn hat, the side cast Themony-Me-Fecit Anno 1690, 14cm high, early 20th century


est £20.00 - £30.00 (unsold)
A 19th century bronze desk thermometer, as the Vendôme Column, Paris, square black marble base, 27cm high


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A 19th century bronze mounted marble inkstand, in the Empire taste, surmounted by the figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, flanked by a pair of cylindrical wells, the hinged covers with acorn finials, pen recess, chased bun feet, 28.5cm wide


est £150.00 - £250.00 (unsold)
A 19th century dark patinated bronze desk thermometer, unusually cast with a gardener holding a spade, rectangular black marble base, 18cm high, c.1870


SOLD £65.00
A 19th century French gilt brass ovoid urn, applied with antique masks with Etruscan headdress, bands of swags, scroll handles cast with foliate guards, spreading pedestal base, 17cm high, c. 1880


SOLD £55.00
***COLLECTED***A 19th century Grand Tour bronze compressed campana table urn, of Warwick Vase type, boldly cast in relief with masks beneath a band of fruiting vine, egg and dart border, entwined branch handles, fluted spreading socle, Carrara marble base, 15.5cm high, 21cm over handles, c.1850


est £150.00 - £250.00 (unsold)
A 19th century horn flask, possibly for a Brown Bess musket, carved with monkey tied to a pillar, inscribed Portugal, 1828, 42cm long


SOLD £50.00
A 19th century Italian Sienna marble and pietra dura rectangular desk weight, inlaid with a heraldic shield and lilies, 13cm wide, c.1860


SOLD £60.00
A 19th century lignum vitae circular snuff box, the screw on cover with a lacquer roundel decorated en piqué with a bird of prey on an outcrop, the sides turned with horizontal banding and spheres, 5.3cm diam, c. 1870


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A George III Scottish provincial silver mounted cattle horn table snuff mull, the flush-hinged cover inscribed From a Friend to William Hally, ball feet, 16.5cm long, struck DG twice, probably David Greig, Perth, c.1810


SOLD £160.00
A George III Scottish silver coloured metal mounted cattle horn snuff mull, hinged cover with oval cartouche and cut-card work engraved with thistles, the collar inscribed From JF to Alec Robertson, Logenalechy, 9.5cm long, c.1820


SOLD £130.00
A 19th century Middle Eastern powder horn, of typical form, the brass mouth engraved with intersecting compartments of crescents, between plain reserves and beaded bands, the horn applied with brass studs, chain suspension, 42cm long


est £70.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A 19th century parian library bust, of Clytie, probably Copeland, waisted socle, 27cm high, c.1850, ebonised stand


SOLD £140.00
A 19th century sailor's folk art model ship, glazed case with painted background, 21.5cm wide


SOLD £50.00
A 20th century connoisseur's glazed table vitrine, 47cm high, 78cm wide


SOLD £30.00
A 20th century pottery phrenology bust, modelled after Dr Frederick Bridges, 29cm high; a conforming palmistry hand, shaped oval base, 26cm high (2)


SOLD £45.00
A boxwood and ebonised Staunton pattern chess set, the king 10.5cm high, mahogany box with sliding cover


SOLD £100.00
A boxwood and ebonised Staunton pattern chess set, the kings 9.5cm high, mahogany box


SOLD £75.00
A bronze mounted desk knife, possibly Italian, the terminal cast with a perched eagle clutching a fasces, 24.5cm long


SOLD £55.00
A Davis Kirby Lamp No. 2A, manufactured by John Davis & Son (Derby) Ltd, All Saints Works, Derby, patent no. 230618/24, loop suspension, 28cm high


SOLD £30.00
A George III mahogany artist's box, by Reeves & Sons, Cheapside, London, hinged cover with paper label to verso, enclosing compartments with an arrangement of paints and implements, drawer to base enclosing a ceramic palette, outlined throughout with boxwood stringing, 22.5cm wide, early 19th century


SOLD £80.00
A George III rosewood arched rectangular gentleman's shaving mirror, outlined with boxwood stringing, brass suspension ring, 31cm high, 24cm wide, c.1820


SOLD £35.00
A George III yew folding games box, hinged cover with boxwood outlined chess board, the interior inlaid for backgammon, 44cm wide, early 19th century


SOLD £150.00
A George V silver novelty desk inkwell, as a bell, hinged cover, 8cm high, A J Zimmermann, Birmingham 1918


SOLD £80.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 22     Page 1 of 16
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