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Auctioneers & Valuers

Film and Memorabilia Sale June 2016 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
Lots 4000 to 4023     Page 1 of 3
A 19th century painted tin 'campaign' shower, painted faux bamboo frame, stirup pump mechanism, 237cm high


SOLD £500.00
A mid-20th century fairground ride model motor car, of streamlined design, bench seats in two rows, two steering wheels to the front and another to the rear, sky blue paintwork with chrome trim, 205cm long, c.1955


SOLD £1200.00
A mid-20th century Triang dolls' house, as a detached property, red room, the hinged front enclosing an arrangemernt of rooms, 68cm wide; others, similar (3)


SOLD £60.00
A model grand piano, integral stool, 39cm wide; a collection of puppets


SOLD £95.00
Aardman Animations - Chicken Run - Props - a model chicken shed, hinged corrugated roof, 51cm wide


SOLD £320.00
Advertising - Television Commercials - a prop, the Cadbury's parrot, articulated beak and feet, 90cm high


SOLD £750.00
Alice in Wonderland - an oversize dining chair, of Chippendale design, shaped and pierced splat, drop-in seat, square legs, H-stretcher, 140cm high


SOLD £300.00
Alien - a large prop model, of an Alien egg, 79cm high


SOLD £550.00
An early 20th century coach-built pedal car, yellow painted wooden body, spoked wheels, badge to grille inscribed Montil, Birmingham?, spoked wheels, white tyres, 104cm long


SOLD £550.00
Batman - a prop, money used by Jack Nicholson as The Joker, presentation frame Provenance: The Prop Store of London


SOLD £210.00
Batman Returns - an Attack Penguin, 53cm long Provenance: The Prop Store of London


SOLD £800.00
Braveheart - Props - an edged weapon, metal blade, wooden grip, 99cm long; a spiked mace; another (3)


SOLD £160.00
Doctor Who - a coin operated Dalek fairground amusement ride, by Edwin Hall & Co,full-size, red paintwork, yellow interior,181cm high, c.1964 - 1967


SOLD £2800.00
Doctor Who - a fruit machine, Doctor Who the Time Lord, the display depicting Davros, Daleks and Tardis, 181cm high


SOLD £550.00
Doctor Who - a mask, Davros, Creator of the Daleks, 32cm high


SOLD £170.00
Doctor Who - a pinball machine, by Midway Manufacturing Company, California Ave, Chicago, the display decorated with the seven Doctors to Silvester McCoy, 190cm high, c.1989


SOLD £1800.00
Doctor Who - a replica model, Sea Devil, life-size, 198cm high


SOLD £350.00
Doctor Who - The Dalek, ''Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150'', 1966 - a rare original Dalek, red paint work (originally silver), 167cm high. The BBC featured the Dalek in special edition DVD ''Resurrection of the Daleks'' in the 1980's. This was one of 3 Daleks given away by Sugar Puffs in their promotional competition for the second film. Provenance: Bonhams 1992


SOLD £32000.00
Doctor Who - Earthshock - a Cyberman, 19th Season, originally broadcast 8th - 16th March 1982, 194cm high Provanance: Stuart Evans


SOLD £2000.00
Doctor Who - Enlightenment - a space pack, worn by Peter Davison, 20th season, first broadcast 1st March to 9th March 1983, 49cm long


SOLD £1000.00
Doctor Who - Meglos - a Caris costume, worn by Colette Gleeson, 18th Season, first broadcast 27th September to 18th October 1980, jacket, white quilted fabric with black trim


SOLD £300.00
Doctor Who - Planet of the Daleks - a Thal space suit costume, worn by Hilary Minster as Marat, originally broadcast 7th April - 12th May 1973, BBC Television Workroom label inscribed in ink, pale caramel quilted fabric


SOLD £1400.00
Doctor Who - Resurrection of the Daleks - a Dalek Trooper costume, with gun, 21st Season, originally broadcast 8th - 15th February 1984, 186cm high Provenance: Stuart Evans


SOLD £750.00
Doctor Who - Snakedance - a Mara Snake Effigy - 20th Season, originally broadcast 18th - 25th Jamuary 1983, yellow and black markings on a pink ground, 141cm long Provenance: Bonhams 2010


SOLD £550.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 4000 to 4023     Page 1 of 3
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