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Four Day Fine Art and Antique Sale December 2014 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A Barry Pittar model, of two chimpanzees embracing, in mottled tones of brown, 10cm high, signed Barry Pittar, R.W.A. R.B.A. F.Z.S, 1878 1948


est £50.00 - £80.00 (unsold)
A Carlton Ware New Mikado pattern bowl, applied with figures and pagoda, typically glazed in bright enamels and gilt on a lustrous cobalt blue ground, 23cm diam, printed marks in black, 3199, c.1920


est £50.00 - £80.00 (unsold)
A Goebel cockerel, naturalistically modelled, signed by Crobek, 35cm high, printed mark, impressed model no.1969


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A large Bernard Moore silver mounted flambe punch bowl, glazed in tones of mottled red, 27.5cm diam, painted monogram, the Arts and Crafts mount Duchess of Sutherland's Cripples Guild, Birmingham 1907


est £700.00 - £1000.00 (unsold)
A large French pottery charger, painted by A Dussey, signed, with two Arabs on horseback, 51cm diam, early 20th century; another, smaller, leaving the city gate, 37.5cm diam (2)


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
A Minton Secessionist jardiniere, designed by John Wadsworth and Leon Solon, tube lined with a stylised peacock in shades of turquoise, purple and green on a mottled green, brown ground, 36cm high; a conforming baluster jardiniere stand, similarly tube lined with scrolling foliage, 59cm high, printed mark in green, c.1900 . Condition Report: The jardiniere with rivetted restorations (apparently WWII bomb damage)


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A pair of Shelley Late Foley Intarsio ovoid vases, typically painted with stylised flowers, foliage and intertwined shapes, applied in tones of green, blue, brown and pink, flared everted rims, 15.5cm high, printed marks in black, 3569, c.1910


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
A Shelley Late Foley Intarsio comport, typically painted with stylised flowers, foliage and intertwined shapes, applied in tones of green, blue, brown and pink, everted rim, the stem flanked by three cabriole supports, spreading circular base, 20.5cm diam, printed marks in black, 3567, c.1910


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
Louise Powell - a Wedgwood bowl, the interior with bird in flight, painted with song birds and foliage in cobalt blue and green, 23cm diam, impressed mark, monogrammed


est £500.00 - £600.00 (unsold)
A Royal Dux figure group, of a milkmaid, standing barefooted, by a horned cow, 32cm high, pink triangle mark, 1546


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A Ruskin matt crystalline bulbous vase, decorated in a dripped mottled green and orange glaze, 21.5cm high, impressed mark, date code for 1932


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
An Art Deco Continental model, of a dancing girl, with pink flowing dress with blue flowers, black oval base, 34cm high, c.1930


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A Beswick model of a Whippet, tan patches, specially commissioned markings, 12cm high, model no.1786A


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A Troika spice jar, decorated by Louise Jinks, incised and moulded with geometrical motifs, in mottled cream and blue, 15cm high, painted mark, monogrammed, 1976 - 1981


est £80.00 - £120.00 (unsold)
A Troika wheel vase, decorated by Avril Bennet, with geometric motifs, coloured in tones of blue, brown and cream on a textured ground, 16.5cm high, painted marks, monogrammed, c.1973 - 1979


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Firbolgs pattern compressed ovoid vase, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, applied in black with frolicking pixies, gnomes and grotesque woodland creatures, picked out in gold on a ruby lustre ground, 7.5cm high, Portland vase mark in gilt, Z5200, c.1920


est £300.00 - £500.00 (unsold)
A Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre pedestal trumpet vase, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, printed with colourful butterflies on a mottled turquoise ground, picked out in gilt, orange lustre interior, 13.5cm high, printed marks, Z4832, shape 2357, c.1920


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A pair of Wedgwood majolica Aesthetic Movement lobed cylindrical stick stand, applied in relief with prunus, in red, yellow and grey, on a yellow, 55cm high, impressed mark, c.1890


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
An unusual Bourne Denby model of an impish pixie seated upon the edge of a toadstool, glazed in mottled tones of green, blue and brown, 11.5cm high, printed mark in black, pattern number 27, c.1930


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
An unusual Zsolnay Pec studio pottery vase, dripped and mottled in olive green, 44cm high, impressed mark, monogrammed


est £100.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A Clarice Cliff Farmhouse pattern circular plate, brightly painted with a cottage, red and black trees, banded yellow, orange, red and black border, 19..5cm diam, printed mark


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A Royal Dux figure group, of a young girl wearing a hat, green top and bronzed breeches, seated astride a cart horse, on a rounded oblong base, 37cm high, triangle mark, model no.1693


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A large Amphora type elephant , naturalistically modelled, trunk raised, coloured in burnished gilt and green, 42cm high, 56cm wide, impressed 704 . Condition Report: One tusk broken


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A Doulton Lambeth faux leather jack beer jug, silver mounted, inscribed with The Landlord's Caution, 22cm high, impressed marks, 22cm high, shape no.2605, the mount London 1895


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 25     Page 1 of 105
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