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Three Day Fine Art and Antique Sale July 2014 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A 19th century Chinese plate, brightly enamelled with a crane perched in a pine tree, coloured in iron-red, green, grey and black, 24cm diam, six character mark but 19th century; a Japanese Imari plate, decorated in the typical palette with flowers and foliage, 30.5cm diam, Meiji period (2)


est £20.00 - £30.00 (unsold)
A 19th Chinese bottle vase, decorated in polychrome with a fanciful bird, butterfly and peonies on a celadon ground, gilded band borders, 22cm high, c.1880


SOLD £200.00
A Cantonese Famille Rose circular charger, painted in the typical palette with figures and attendants within fret border, 37cm diam, c.1880


SOLD £260.00
A Cantonese Famille Rose globular teapot and cover, painted with flowers and foliage, scaled scroll border, domed cover, acorn finial, 16cm high, c.1770


SOLD £65.00
A Cantonese porcelain baluster vase, painted in the Famille Rose palette with soldiers in battle, to verso with figures of the court, dragons to shoulder, wavy everted rim, 43cm high, c.1880


est £400.00 - £600.00 (unsold)
A Cantonese porcelain cylindrical jar and cover, painted in the Famille Verte palette with figures of the court and attendants, in panels alternating with fanciful birds, enclosing other graduated jars, 9.5cm high, 19th century; another, similar; others, smaller (7) (faults)


SOLD £50.00
A Cantonese porcelain ovoid vase, painted in the Famille Rose palette with figures, officials and attendants, birds, butterflies and colourful flowers, temple lions and dragons to shoulder, picked out in gilt, shaped everted rim, 44cm high, 19th century


SOLD £420.00
A Chinese blue and white armorial painted tureen cover, printed in underglaze blue with pagoda and fisherman, applied overglaze with European Coat of Arms, bud finial, 25cm diam, c.1770 **Please note this lot just comprises the tureen cover and not the tureen as stated previously.**


est £20.00 - £30.00 (unsold)
A Chinese Cantonese Famille Rose jardiniere and stand, painted in polychrome with ladies of the court, amidst a stylized landscape and a profusion of interspersed flowers and butterflies, 18cm high, 28cm diam, 1880


SOLD £900.00
A Chinese arched rectangular blue and white tea caddy and cover, decorated in underglaze blue with pagodas, trees and foliage, 13.5cm high, c.1770


SOLD £50.00
A Chinese armorial porcelain hexagonal dish, painted in the Famille Rose palette, the border with the arms of Jesson impaling Chace and chrysanthemums within shaped reserves, on a ground of diapers, picked out in gilt, 21.5cm diam, c.1770


est £300.00 - £400.00 (unsold)
A Chinese blue and white 'klapmut' bowl, the exterior painted with continuous scene of figures playing games and in conversation, pine trees and rockwork, the interior with a central bonsai plant, the everted rim painted with fretwork and four reserves, 21cm diam, six-character marks, Kangxi but later


SOLD £200.00
A Chinese blue and white porcelain circular plate, painted underglaze with peonies and rocky outcrops, 27cm diam, Qianlong, c.1770; a circular dish, similar (2)


est £20.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
A Chinese blue and white porcelain ovoid ginger jar and cover, painted with chrysanthemums, leafy bamboo and rockwork, trellis and double line borders, 26cm high, Qianlong reign, c.1750 . Condition Report: Minor nibbles o cover, otherwise good Minor chips to foot rim, otherwise good Won on the TV show This Morning with Fern Britain and Phillip Schofield approx 15 years ago


est £1500.00 - £2000.00 (unsold)
A Chinese bottle vase, glazed in blue, 10cm high


SOLD £50.00
A Chinese canted rectangular blue and white serving plate, painted with pagoda, rock trees, bridge and figures, elaborated scroll and foliage border, 29cm wide, c.1770


SOLD £85.00
A Chinese celedon bowl, incised, 15cm diam, in the Sung manner but later


est £80.00 - £120.00 (unsold)
A Chinese celedon globular vase, crackle glaze, 7.5cm high, hardwood stand


SOLD £70.00
A Chinese circular dish, decorated in underglaze blue with stylised foliage, 18cm diam, Ming; another, smaller (2)


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A Chinese crackle glaze pale celadon ovoid vase, the shoulder applied with a budding stem, 23cm high


SOLD £45.00
A Chinese Famille Rose Armorial octagonal plate, painted with figures in a garden, flying a kite, 22cm wide, c.1770 The Arms are for Smalley of Thorpe Arnold and with Cokayne of Ashbourne, purchased from Hassop Hall sale 1974 . Condition Report: Hairline crack.


SOLD £240.00
A Chinese Famille Rose bottle vase, painted with oriental figure and boy attendant, 18cm high


est £70.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A Chinese Famille Rose hexagonal bowl, decorated with phoenix and lotus in tones of red on an azure ground, the interior in green, 17cm wide, seal mark


SOLD £140.00
A Chinese Famille Verte vase, of shouldered ovoid form, decorated overall with mons, flowerheads and chrysanthemums, two flowerhead and leaf handles to shoulders, 30cm high, 19th century


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 24     Page 1 of 97
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