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Auctioneers & Valuers

Two Day Antiques and Fine Art Sale - March 2006 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A Brampton brown salt glazed stoneware Game jug, in relief with dead game, greyhound loop handle, 19cm high, 19th century; a Doulton Lambeth salt glazed baluster jug, inscribed Mortlock, 466, 468 & 470 Oxford Street and 31 & 32 Orchard Street, London, 11cm high, impressed mark, late 19th century (2)


SOLD £130.00
A Wedgwood black jasper Portland or Barberini vase, after a model by Thomas Lovett, decorated with a frieze of classical figures, columns and trees, 18cm high,c.1895


SOLD £95.00
A Wedgwood black jasper Portland or Barberini vase, after a model by Thomas Lovett, decorated with a frieze of classical figures, columns and trees, the base with cameo mark of a bust of Paris wearing a Phrygian cap, 27cm high, late 19th century (some loss to cameo)


SOLD £220.00
A 19th century two-handled Frog mug, the exterior with a dripped mottled glaze in yellow and blue, greyhound loop handles, the interior with large frog, 14.5cm high, late 19th century


SOLD £65.00
A F & R Pratt pot lid and base, printed in colours with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, 12.5cm diam, mid 19th century (see illustration)


SOLD £160.00
A Mason Patent Ironstone fluted vase and cover, in the oriental manner, decorated with a shaped reserve with fanciful bird perched on blossoming branch, the ground with yellow scrolls on a pink ground with cloud scrolls, the shoulders with two dragons, domed lobed cover, gilt bud finial, 70cm high, mid 19th century (restored)


SOLD £450.00
A Mason Patent Ironstone octagonal jug, decorated in the Imari palette with stylised chrysanthemums and foliage, lamprey eel handle, 16cm high, impressed mark; others, similar, 17cm and 11cm, early 19th century (4)


SOLD £100.00
An English Majolica two-section dish, in the form of two scallop shells, the handle as coral entwined with bladder-wrack weed, the bowls in turquoise, the underside in mottled tones brown, green and yellow, 33.5cm wide, c.1880


SOLD £260.00
A Victorian Minton relief moulded porter mug, in relief with Bacchic infants, donkey and fruiting vine, rustic vine handle, 14cm high, c.1860


SOLD £65.00
A Sunderland lustre ovoid jug, printed and painted in colours with the west view of the Iron Bridge, near Sunderland, named to James and Susan Dukes and sailors 'Forget Me Not' poem, 19cm high, mid 19th century (heavily restored)


SOLD £100.00
A Sunderland Garrison Masonic ovoid jug, printed in monochrome with Masonic symbols and verse within Sunderland lustre border, loop handle, 12.5cm high, c.1860


SOLD £110.00
A Sunderland Garrison pottery Masonic rectangular plaque, printed in monochrome with Masonic symbols within mottled brown scroll border, 22.5cm wide, impressed Dixon & Co., c.1860


SOLD £100.00
A Staffordshire Masonic cylindrical mug, printed in monochrome and picked out in colours with Masonic crest, symbols and verse, Sunderland lustre border, 10cm high, c.1860


SOLD £75.00
A Garrison Sunderland lustre plaque, printed in monochrome with sailing galleon and 'May Peace & Plenty On our Nation Smile and Trade with Commerce Bless the British Isle', Copper and Sunderland lustre border, 23.5cm wide, 1820-65


SOLD £120.00
A Ralph Woods Toby jug, tricorn hat, the seated toper wearing a tricorn hat, black wash overcoat, brown breeches, holding a jug of foaming ale, canted rectangular, 25.5cm high, 19th century (some restoration) (see illustration)


SOLD £550.00
A mid 19th century blue and white Italian Scenery pattern two-handled foot bath, of Minton type, printed with river landscape with cattle resting and figures in conversation before architectural buildings, foliage and scrolls, 53cm wide, c.1857 (see illustration)


SOLD £200.00
A pair of Staffordshire 'Disraeli' spaniels, seated to the left and right, with black patch markings, gilt collars, padlock and chain, black and yellow features, black curls to forehead, separate moulded front paws, 26cm high, c.1870 (see illustration) These dogs with curls on their foreheads are named after The Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who favoured a similar hairstyle.


SOLD £75.00
A pair of Staffordshire lions, reclining to the left and right, glass eyes, coloured in tan, picked out in gilt, rocky rectangular bases, 26cm high, 20th century


SOLD £200.00
A Staffordshire character jug, Sampson Smith, seated wearing a tricorn hat, pink waistcoat and black jacket, holding a goblet, 22cm high, mid 19th century


SOLD £70.00
A Staffordshire flat back spill vase, Red Riding Hood, she stands, holding a basket, wearing a red cloak, a fox at her side before a tree, gilt line oval base, 33cm high; a similar figure group, she seated with a basket of fish, he standing with a net, lightly coloured and picked out in gilt, gilt line oval base, 27cm high; etc, all late 19th century (3)


SOLD £70.00
A Staffordshire flat back figure group, of two Scottish foresters, wearing feathered hats, green jackets and orange sashes, standing by a clock and calf, gilt lined oval base, 24cm high, c.1880


SOLD £48.00
An early 19th century Staffordshire figure, Charity, standing holding a baby, two young children at her side, iron-red lined square base, 19cm high: another, The Gardener, titled square base, 21cm high, c.1820 (faults)


SOLD £60.00
A Victorian Staffordshire cottage pastille burner, shredded clay borders, in colours, gilt line oval, 13cm high; another, glazed in blue, 16cm high, c.1870


SOLD £180.00
An Adams blue and white Neptune Fisherman pattern shaped circular plate, with fisherman kneeling showing his catch to two ladies, deep border with daisies, wild roses and other foliage, 25cm diam, c.1840 (see illustration)


SOLD £60.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 3 to 51     Page 1 of 53
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