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Two Day Antiques and Fine Art Sale - Birdsgrove House [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A F.R. Pratt pot lid and base, Shakespeare's House Henley Street, Stratford on Avon, 10.5cm diam; another, Hauling the Catch, mid 19th century


SOLD £95.00
**A set of three Victorian cylindrical pharmacy jars, Leeches, Honey and Tamarinds, each in lilac glaze with flat covers, flower finials, scroll handles to sides, gilt labels, 24cm and 31cm high, c.1870


SOLD £3600.00
Three F and R Pratt pot lids - Peace, Mending the Nets and The Snow Drift, after Landseer, 10.5cm diam, all framed; mid/late 19th century (3)


SOLD £75.00
Twenty-one 18th century square English Delft tiles, each painted in underglaze blue with a figure, mill or house, quarter flowerheads to angles, 13cm


SOLD £410.00
A Wedgwood Cream Ware navette shaped pedestal bowl, the field in monochrome with circular cartouche with chained bear, the border with leaves and tendrils, lined border, 29.5cm wide, impressed mark, c.1790


SOLD £110.00
A set of three graduated miniature jugs, each with stylised leaves and foliage, in red and green, 9 - 12cm high, c.1880


SOLD £30.00
A Garrison Sunderland lustre circular plaque, inscribed in monochrome Thou God Seest Me within floral wreath, mottled Sunderland border, 17cm diam, c.1860


SOLD £70.00
**A pair of large 19th century blue and white meat plates, with well, c.1840


SOLD £65.00
**A quantity of Staffordshire blue and white Willow pattern pottery, including five meat plates, four circular side plates, etc, 1840 -1870


SOLD £100.00
A 19th century Jackfield cow creamer, standing square, picked out in gilt, oval base, 11cm high, late 19th century


SOLD £40.00
A quantity of 19th century Willow pattern pearl ware dish and other blue and white ceramics


SOLD £38.00
A Victorian meat plate, with well


SOLD £75.00
A Japanese Imari dish, Spode plates, mics ceramics, etc


SOLD £70.00
A pair of Sherwin and Cotton sepia tone rectangular wall tiles, with Dickensian characters, framed


SOLD £65.00
A quantity of Adams Criers of London pottery, to include large bowl, medium bowl, dessert plate, large jug, medium jug, teapot and cover, dish, large mug, large breakfast cup, breakfast cup, two tea cups, four large saucers, five small saucers, five side plates, all printed in colours on a ruby ground, others, green ground, printed marks


SOLD £140.00
A John Ridgway and Sons panelled baluster mask jug, brightly painted with colourful summer flowers, the mask in relief with bearded man, green line border, angular handle, 17cm high, c.1880


SOLD £30.00
An Elsmore & Forster two-handled Frog loving cup, the exterior with gilt circular cartouche inscribed A Present, A Friend, Fill it Again, on a bloom ground, the interior with three frogs, gilt line borders, 11cm high, printed mark


SOLD £85.00
An early 19th century Bacchus mask mug, moulded in relief with bearded face, light brown hair with wreath of grapes and vine leaves, loop handle, coloured in blue, green, ochre and yellow, 10cm high, c.1800


SOLD £75.00
A Staffordshire fox head stirrup cup, naturalistically coloured in tan, black features, 14cm long


SOLD £140.00
**A Masons Ironstone Chartreuse pattern octagonal jug, with everted rim; another; a similar chamber stick (3)


SOLD £65.00
A George Jones Majolica dessert set, comprising seven circular plates, three footed plates and a pedestal comport, each in relief with large sycamore leaf on a white linen cloth with pink trim, yellow borders, applied mark, c.1880


SOLD £780.00
A Staffordshire two-handled frog loving cup, the exterior well painted with colourful summer flowers, outlined in iron-red, inscribed Jos Tomison, 1841, the interior with frog, mottled in olive, 14cm high, c.1840


SOLD £100.00
A Staffordshire waisted cylindrical copper lustre mug, applied in relief with foliage sprigs on a green ground, scroll handle, 10cm high; another, similar; etc (4)


SOLD £35.00
A 19th century Staffordshire blue and white cylindrical frog mug, the exterior printed with monkey, horse, lion and squirrel, with beaded banded border, the interior with zebra, tiger, ape and squirrel below a continuous landscape with wild animals, applied with a green and brown spotted frog, angular handle, 9.5cm high, the base incised James Swinn and painted with initials T,M*B 1829


SOLD £700.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 21     Page 1 of 67
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