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Three-Day Antiques and Fine Art Sale - October 2010 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A pair early 19th century salt glazed stoneware chargers, the rims in relief with basket weave and trellis, 42cm diam, c.1800


SOLD £360.00
An early 19th century creamware pedestal jug, inscribed John Hughes 1808 and painted with wheatsheaf and agricultural implements below a banner God Speed The Plough, within blue line borders, the neck with stiff leaves in yellow and grey on an iron red ground, 17.5cm high, c.1808


SOLD £300.00
A Staffordshire Pearlware sheep spill vase, standing before bocage, it's lamb on a ledge, rust markings, 18cm high, c.1780


SOLD £110.00
A 19th century Pearlware Toby jug, probably Staffordshire, wearing a tricorn hat, holding a jug of ale, his long pipe at his side, his jacket with sponged ochre in bands and brown wavy lines, 25cm high, c.1800


SOLD £260.00
A Staffordshire figure group, in Pratt colours, of a boy and girl standing by a column both with their hands on their heads, stepped rectangular base, coloured in yellow, cobalt blue and green, 12.5cm high, early 19th century


SOLD £200.00
A pair of 19th century Pearlware blue and white Willow pattern oval plates, basket weave border, 25cm wide, mid 19th century


SOLD £50.00
A late 18th century Pearlware chestnut basket, printed in underglaze blue with willow tree, pagodas and birds in flight, pierced basket weave sides, branch handles, 21cm wide, c.1800; a Staffordshire miniature blue and white chamber pot; 12cm diam, c.1860 (2)


SOLD £60.00
A pair of early 19th century Spode Pearlware Willow pattern oval chestnut baskets, printed in underglaze blue, pierced sides, branch handles, 23cm wide, impressed mark, c.1815


SOLD £180.00
An 18th century Prattware double loop pipe, the bowl with double sided Pan's head, coloured in bands of blue, yellow and ochre, 15cm long, c.1790


SOLD £210.00
An 18th century Prattware toy figure, she stands, her robes flecked in ochre and yellow, square plinth, 12.5cm high, unmarked. c.1790


SOLD £90.00
An eighteen piece Pratt ware desert set


SOLD £650.00
An Ashworth Brothers Ironstone dinner service, decorated in the Imari palette, comprising soup tureen, cover and stand, another two vegetable tureens, sauce tureen and cover, thirty-five dinner plates, fourteen dessert plates, twelve soup plates, graduated meat plates, printed marks


SOLD £220.00
A 19th century Staffordshire treacle glazed decorated cow creamer standing, with suckling calf, oval base, 12.5cm high, c.1860


SOLD £170.00
A Wedgwood black basalt dip and three-colour vase and cover, the U-shaped body sprigged with Dipping of Achillies and other classical figures between stylised vertical palmettes within leafy border, the spreading circular base and domed cover with chequered bands applied with yellow florettes, stiff leaf borders, the interior with plated burner, the screw-off cover engraved and embossed with stiff leaves, beaded borders, 20cm high, impressed WEDGWOOD, first half of 19th century


SOLD £4200.00
A Wedgwood solid blue jasper ware teapot and cover, dimpled ground, in white relief by Lady Elizabeth Templeton, with mother and daughter, trees, urn, dragonfly and butterfly, below strapwork band, domed cover with stiff leaves, sleeping Cupid finial, divided handle , laurel leaf spout, ribbon tied reeded border, 8.5cm high, impressed WEDGWOOD, c.1790


SOLD £850.00
An Elizabethan tiger glaze stoneware belamine, the silver mount engraved with fanciful beasts and scrolling foliage, loop handle, 19cm high, c.1580


SOLD £600.00
A late 19th century black basalt oval medallion, moulded in relief with profile bust, John Wesley, 10.5cm high; another, Nelson, 9cm high; others, jolly topers, 9cm high; satyr, 11cm high, 19th century (6)


SOLD £160.00
A Brampton brown salt glazed stoneware model of a recumbent lion, rectangular base, ropetwist border, 19cm wide, 19th century


SOLD £300.00
A Victorian blue and white bidet, printed in underglaze blue with oriental figures, pagoda and landscape, the border with floral tendrils, and C-scroll border, 50cm wide, c.1860


SOLD £110.00
A Victorian blue and white baby feeder, of typical flattened form with filling hole and long feeding spout, printed with acanthus scrolls, 18cm long, c.1840


SOLD £70.00
A Staffordshire Walton figure, St Paul, seated holding the bible, coloured in blue, pink sash, shaped base, applied with shredded clay, 23cm high; another, later (2)


SOLD £60.00
A late 18th century Ralph Wood pearl ware figure, of Chaucer, he stands wearing a long floral cloak leaning on a pedestal with books, square marbled plinth, 31cm high, impressed mark, no.155


SOLD £950.00
A late 18th century Ralph Wood pearl ware figure, he stands wearing a long floral cloak revealing a celestrial globe, square marbled plinth, 31cm high, impressed mark, no.137


SOLD £350.00
A rare Staffordshire flat back figure, of James B. Rush, he stands wearing a cobalt blue jacket, green waistcoat and pink trousers, holding a paper in one hand , the other hand resting on a pedestal, titled oval base, 25cm high, c.1880


SOLD £320.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 26     Page 1 of 70
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