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Auctioneers & Valuers

Three-Day Fine Art & Antique Sale [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A Neo-Classical Revival E.P.N.S oval two-handled gallery tray, pierced border with beaded rim, the field bright-cut engraved with ribbon-tied swags, centred by a vacant shield shaped cartouche, bun feet, 60cm wide, Walker & Hall, c.1900


SOLD £130.00
A pair of 19th century Sheffield plate Neo-classical table candlesticks, detachable square nozzles, the Corinthian columns embossed with bands of spiralling oak leaves, spreading square beaded bases, 35cm high, c.1880


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
A pair of substantial silvered six-light, five branch table candelabra, acanthus sconces, the scrolling branches cast as winged anthropomorphic beasts with bearded masks, each reeded column above three bold lion paws with female masks to knees, incurved canted triform bases, 75.5cm high


est £500.00 - £700.00 (unsold)
A set of three tall E.P.N.S trumpet shaped table epergnes, wavy rims, spreading octagonal bases, 61.5cm high, 20th century


SOLD £50.00
A substantial Victorian electro-plated fluted campana urn, shaped rim, fruiting vine borders, pierced and embossed with acanthus scrolls, moulded base, scroll feet, 52cm high, mid-19th century


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S novelty spoon warmer, as a nautilus shell, hinged shaped cover, engraved with bulrushes, stylised dolphins and scrolls, rocky base cast with a shell, 16cm long, William Hutton & Sons, c.1875


SOLD £65.00
An George III style EPNS Corinthian column table lamp , fluted column, stepped square base, beaded borders, c.1916


SOLD £170.00
A Victorian E.P.N.S Staniforth's Patent type folding biscuit warmer, rustic branch frame and handle, the domed covers engraved with stiff leaves, strapwork and vacant oval cartouches, hinged pierced liners, laurel wreath handles, hoof feet, 20cm wide, Mappin & Webb, c.1890; an E.P.N.S domed oval breakfast dish, retractable cover, 21cm wide (2)


SOLD £110.00
A Victorian electro-type oval casket, in relief with Venus and putti, skirted base, 14cm wide, Elkington & Co, c.1890


SOLD £60.00
An E.P. on copper shaped rectangular two-handled serving tray, the border and field stamped and engraved with shells and scrolling foliage, cartouche shaped feet, 70cm over handles, 20th century; a circular cake plateau, pierced border, 44cm diam, 20th century (2)


est £50.00 - £70.00 (unsold)
An early 20th century E.P.N.S novelty ring tree, as a parrot on a stand, dished circular base, bun feet, 16.5cm high


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
An early 20th century half-fluted oval cream jug and swing handled sugar basket, reeded handles, domed oval bases, 15.5cm wide, apparently unmarked, c.1920


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
Military - a Victorian electro-plated novelty knife rest, as a soldier and a sailor engaged in a tug-of-war, registration lozenge, 9cm wide, William Hutton & Sons Ltd, c.1890


est £50.00 - £80.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P. on copper rounded rectangular standish, the central cylindrical wafer box enclosed by a taperstick and snuffer, flanked by a pair of clear glass wells, wrapped reeded borders, shell and acanthus scroll handles to sides, 31cm wide, mid-19th century


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A large George III Sheffield plate two-handle tray, the centre engraved with Coat of Arms of the Montefiori Family of Worth Park, Sussex , within a field of rococo and foliate scrolls, 79cm wide, Thomas & James Creswick, c.1820 The Montefiori Family were probably the leading family of British Jewry prior to the naturalisation of the Rothchilds, the crest seems to belong to Abraham Montefiori, younger brother of Sir Moses Montefori, 1st (& last Bart.)


SOLD £220.00
A Victorian E.P.N.S novelty three piece cruet stand, cast with a parrot on a perch, the navette shaped base with stepped border, claw feet, 16cm wide, c.1900


SOLD £95.00
A 19th century E.P.N.S trefoil three-bottle decanter stand, posted leafy loop handle, slice-cut clear glass bottles, shaped border pierced with scrolling foliage, cartouche shaped feet cast with acanthus, 46cm high, c.1875


SOLD £150.00
An Edwardian E.P.N.S table centrepiece, the central panelled trumpet shaped epergne flute flanked by a pair smaller conforming, restrained at an angle within a wirework frame, gadrooned borders, spreading foot pierced with a band of scrolling foliage, Daniel & Arter, c.1910


SOLD £90.00
An early George III Onslow pattern basting spoon, 28.5cm long, London c.1760


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A George III Old English pattern basting spoon, 32.5cm long, William Eley & William Fearn, London 1798


SOLD £85.00
A set of six American dessert forks, T Kirkpatrick, c.1910; etc (10), 14oz gross


SOLD £160.00
A set of twelve Victorian Old English pattern teaspoons, bright-cut engraved, sugar bows en-suite, Aitken Brothers, Sheffield 1896, cased


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A set of twelve American dessert forks and spoons, Brown & Spaulding, c.1900, 32oz


SOLD £340.00
A large Victorian style E.P.N.S spirally fluted pedestal punch bowl, embossed with flowers and scrolls, domed batwing foot, 37cm diam, Viners, 20th century; a Kings pattern punch ladle (2)


SOLD £40.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 20A     Page 1 of 96
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