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Three Day Fine Art Sale July 2013 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A Mosanic Pottery Max Emanuel & Co ovoid vase, decorated with a sunrise through woodland, above a narrow girdle and a band of insects and flowers, coloured in tones of mottled green and blue and picked out with raised and burnished gilding, 26cm high, shape no. 468, printed crossed rifles mark


SOLD £320.00
A Troika coffin vase, decorated by Anne Lewis, with a stylised stick figure on a textured ground, coloured in tones of blue and brown, 16.5cm high, painted mark, c.1969 - 72 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £100.00
A Shelley Patches and Shades pattern Regent shape tea service, for six, comprising cups, saucers, side plates, milk jug, sugar basin and bread and butter plate, coloured in tones of blue, black and silver lustre, the large plate 25cm over handles, no.W12207/B 26, printed marks . Condition Report: only five cups present


SOLD £140.00
A set of four Minton Rustic tiles, designed by William Wise (1847 - 1889), transfer printed in underglaze blue, 15.5cm square, moulded marks; another pair, similar, printed with Aesthetic beauties (6)


SOLD £240.00
A Rosenthal shaped ovoid vase, painted by Jean Cocteau, with a stylised face in black, 22cm high, printed mark, 1952 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £160.00
A pair of S Fielding & Co Soleilian ovoid vases, painted by M** Lucas, signed, with a continuous rustic landscape, with work horses resting, coloured in red, green, blue and black, 40.5cm high, printed mark


SOLD £90.00
Three Minton limited edition The Arthurian Legend figures, designed by John Ablitt, Arthur The Once and Future King, Guinevere The Tree of Life and Merlin The Great Enchanter, printed mark, limited edition 37/250, 95/250, 67/250


SOLD £900.00
A Minton Osbourne pattern circular charger, in tones of blue, 41cm diam, titled, impressed mark


SOLD £95.00
A French Vieillard & Co, Bordeaux biscuit barrel, plated mounts, decorated overall with stylised foliate blue panels and further foliage and flowers over grey ground, 18.5cm high, impressed marks, late 19th/ early 20th century


SOLD £85.00
A Beswick Gamecock, designed by Arthur Gredington, 24cm high, impressed mark, model no.2059 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £200.00
A Beswick fireside model, of a fox, seated, model no. 2348, 32cm high, printed and impressed marks . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £230.00
A large Royal Doulton flambe veined ovoid vase, glazed in mottled tones of oily blue and red, 45cm high, shape no. 1622, printed mark . Condition Report: Good, postcode faintly inscribed to base in pen


SOLD £110.00
A pair of Royal Doulton shaped circular cabinet plates, painted by J Birbeck Snr., signed, with Lapwing and Capercaillie, gilded borders with raised leafy scrolls and pendants, 24.5cm diam, printed lion, crown and circle marks . Condition Report: Generally good, minor wear to gilding


SOLD £100.00
A Doulton Lambeth candlestick, designed by Florence C Roberts, incised and in relief with stiff leaves and flowerheads, the square base with griffin's to angles, coloured in tones of blue and olive, 21cm high, impressed marks, 1875; another, with three mermaids to column, spreading circular base, 17cm high, impressed mark, 1879 (2) . Condition Report: Faults


SOLD £600.00
A Doulton Burslem oval plaque, painted by Kelsall, signed, in tones of blue with a young girl in a snowy landscape, gilt border, 36cm x 27.5cm, unmarked . Condition Report: Some rubbing to gilding, lugs to verso rather crudely attached


SOLD £145.00
A Doulton Lambeth brown and buff saltglazed stoneware ovoid jug, sprigged with windmills, jolly topers, trees, huntsman and hounds, scroll handle, 17cm high, impressed marks; others, similar; condiments (7)


SOLD £75.00
A Bourne Denby stoneware novelty dish, modelled by Alice Titchener, with three ducks at the edge of a pond, mottled green and yellow pastel glaze, 15cm diam, printed marks and monogram . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £60.00
A Clarice Cliff Rhodanthe pattern beehive preserve pot and cover, decorated with large marigold type flowers on sinuous stems, coloured in tones of orange, yellow and brown, domed cover, bee finial, 10cm high, unmarked; another, Crocus pattern, brightly decorated with orange, blue and purple flowers, 9.5cm high, printed mark (2)


SOLD £200.00
A Clarice Cliff Fantasque beehive preserve jar and cover, banded in orange, green, blue and purple, domed cover, bee finial, 9.5cm high, printed mark; another, in a dripped glaze, 9.5cm high, printed mark (2)


SOLD £220.00
A Clarice Cliff Toby jug, seated, drinking from a mug of foaming ale, wearing a tricorn hat, red jacket and grey breeches, 22cm high, printed mark, shape no.862 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £70.00
A Moorcroft Flame of the Forest pattern ovoid vase, tubelined and coloured in autumnal tones of orange, yellow, green and brown, 24cm high, impressed and painted marks, dated 1997, boxed . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £200.00
A Moorcroft Pansy pattern baluster vase, tubelined with large flowerheads, coloured in tones of red, blue and green, on a cobalt blue ground, 12.5cm high, impressed mark, signed with initials . Condition Report: Lacks EPNS mount


SOLD £80.00
A Moorcroft Pansy pattern E.P.N.S. mounted bowl, tubelined with large flowerheads, coloured in tones of red, blue and green, on a cobalt blue ground, 21cm diam, impressed mark, signed with initials . Condition Report: Typical Moorcroft crazing


SOLD £140.00
A Moorcroft Peter The Pig, by Roger Mitchell, tube lined with the Temptation pattern, with flowerheads and apples, his foot resting on an apple, 15.5cm high, impressed mark


SOLD £200.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 53     Page 1 of 58
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