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Auctioneers & Valuers

Three Day Antiques and Fine Art Sale - March 2007 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A Victorian Staffordshire flat back figure group, of a bagpiper, standing wearing orange dress, gilt lined oval base, 12cm high; another, of a girl, standing by her rabbit hutch, 14cm high; others, etc (5)


SOLD £70.00
A pair of Victorian Staffordshire Spaniel spill vases, seated to the left and right, with gold padlocks and hair flecks, gilt lined oval bases, 35.5cm high, c.1880


SOLD £190.00
A Victorian Staffordshire flat back figure, of a lady by a vase on a pedestal, overflowing with grape and vine, standing wearing a feathered hat holding a tambourine, 27cm high, c.1880


SOLD £50.00
A Victorian Staffordshire figure, of a huntsman, standing wearing a brown overcoat with pointed hood, a fawn over his knee a gun at his side, coloured in tones of brown and yellow, brown lined oval base, 36cm high, , c.1880


SOLD £70.00
A Victorian Staffordshire figure, The Lion Slayer, he stands in Scottish dress, with a lion by his side, lightly coloured in black and red, picked out in gilt, titled oval base, 42cm high, c.1880


SOLD £80.00
A Victorian Staffordshire clock figure group, of a Scottish piper and companion, both seated crossed legged above a clock face, gilt lined oval base, 35.5cm high, c.1880; another, Standard Bearer, seated on a stag, holding a standard and drum, 27cm high, c.1880


SOLD £50.00
A Victorian Staffordshire flat back figure group, of a windmill flanked by two figures, both wearing broad brimmed hats and holding wheat sheaves, gilt lined oval base, 25cm high, c.1880; another (2)


SOLD £80.00
A mid 19th century brown salt glazed barrel, applied in white with Royal Coat of Arms, floral roundels and sprigs and inscribed Whiskey, 35cm high; others, Brandy, Gin and Rum (4)


SOLD £380.00
A Staffordshire figure, seated by a dove cote, wearing a turban and fur lined cobalt blue jacket, gilt lined oval base, 24cm high, c.1880


SOLD £100.00
A Victorian Staffordshire zebra, facing to the right, front leg raised, oval base painted in tones of green and applied with bocage, 16cm high, c. 1880; another, similar (2)


SOLD £80.00
A Davenport Stone China Exotic Bird pattern sauce tureen, 8cm wide, printed mark, c. 1850


SOLD £28.00
A Staffordshire flat back figure, of a young girl seated by her rabbit hutch, with one by her feet, the other on the roof, coloured in orange, yellow and green, 11cm high, c.1880


SOLD £80.00
A pair of Victorian flat back cream jugs, modelled as milkmaids with a cow, standing to the left and right, she wearing a yellow bonnet, cobalt blue bodice, orange skirt and green apron, the cows with black patch markings, gilt lined oval bases, 13cm high, late 19th century


SOLD £75.00
A Victorian Staffordshire cow creamer, the cow standing to the right with rust markings a milkmaid at his side, gilt lined oval base, 16cm high; others, Jackfield, etc, all late 19th century (7)


SOLD £40.00
A 19th century hatchling, transfer printed in black with two foxes beneath a tree, 7cm high, mid 19th century


SOLD £130.00
A Brampton Brown Salt Glazed Stone Ware tobacco jar, applied with coat of arms, jolly topers and lions passant, 25cm high, late 19th century


SOLD £45.00
An English brown salt glazed stoneware spirit barrel, in relief with recumbant lions, Coat of Arms and knights on horseback, brass tap, 28cm high; a Brampton brown salt glazed stoneware ovoid vase, flared rim, incised with a band of decoration, 25cm high, late 19th century (2)


SOLD £70.00
A Charles Meigh stoneware Apostles jug, in relief with eight Gothic arches each with apostles, within strapwork, pewter hinged cover, angular handle, 22cm high, mid 19th century


SOLD £60.00
A pair of Staffordshire stoneware flagons, in relief with basket work, Brandy and Irish Whisky, E.P.N.S. mounts, two miniature shot beakers, 20cm high, printed marks


SOLD £120.00
A Victorian Victa Washdown closet, transfer printed in underglaze blue with flowers and foliate scrolls, 43cm high, c.1870


SOLD £85.00
A Wedgwood cylindrical tobacco jar, inner cover and cover, typically sprigged in white with neo-classical figures, cherubs and foliage on a blue ground, silver rim, domed cover with stiff leaves, button finial, 18cm high, impressed marks, 20th century


SOLD £90.00
An 18th century English Delft charger, painted in underglaze blue with stylised foliage and fence, banded trellis border, 36.5cm diam, c.1760


SOLD £140.00
An 18th century Pearl Ware bear, naively moulded, yellow and ochre markings in Pratt colours,seated wearing a harness, 7.25cm high, late 18th century


SOLD £380.00
An early Victorian dessert service, comprising six shaped circular plates, two-handled shaped rectangular dish and two-handled shaped circular dish, decorated with colourful foliate sprigs divided by trellis and acanthus leaves, in green on a lemon ground, beaded and flowerhead border in relief, pattern 2754, c.1860


SOLD £180.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 2 to 30     Page 1 of 61
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