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Fine Art Sale June 2012 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
Lots 3 to 39     Page 1 of 69
A Charlotte Rhead Burleigh Ware charger, tube lined with a pheasant perched in a tree surrounded by pomegranates within a border of peaches, in tones of blue, cream, green and purples, 35.5cm diam, printed mark, signed, pattern no.4012 . Condition Report: Some crazing to glaze, minor (pin head) paint loss to one of the pink peaches (the one above birds head)


SOLD £1500.00
A Foley Art China Harjian ware ovoid vase, attributed to Fanny Rhead, decorated with stylised lotus and scrolls, in coloured enamels on a yellow and blue ground, bordered in alternating yellow and red petal flowers, 11.5cm high, printed mark . Condition Report: Wear to emnamel on interior, exterior with some scratches


SOLD £80.00
A large Torquay terracotta flared cylindrical vase, painted with a continuous landscape with abbey ruins, river rapid and bridge, scaled fan border, 40cm high, painted mark . Condition Report: Numerous chips to foot rim, sligh chip fracture to rim


SOLD £60.00
A Newlyn type Arts and Crafts embossed rectangular box and cover, embossed with fish shell and fronds, 8.5cm high, 15cm wide, c.1900 . Condition Report: The cover with one side of inner rim lacking


SOLD £100.00
A Ruskin Matt Crystalline ovoid vase, in mottled tones of green, orange and blue, 12.5cm high, signed Howson Taylor, dated 1931


SOLD £60.00
A Stonier & Co. Ltd White Star Line Wisteria pattern milk jug, enamelled with logo, the border in turquoise and brown, 7.5cm high, printed mark, c.1910 This pattern of china was commissioned by White Star Line for use by first-class passengers on ships such as the Titanic and Olympic . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £210.00
A Wardle Art Pottery Co. Ltd bottle vase, made for Liberty & Co, designed by Frederick H Rhead, decorated with pale green flowers on trailing pale blue stems in raised slip on a mottled blue ground, 26cm high, impressed mark Made For Liberty & Co, 7 and a circle with grid lines . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £260.00
A Zsolnay Pecs green iridescent pumpkin shaped vase, flared wavy neck, 8cm high, printed Funfkirken mark


SOLD £80.00
A Royal Doulton figure, The Broken Lance, designed by M Davies, 22.5cm high, issued 1945 - 75, HN.2041 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £130.00
A Royal Doulton Titanian ware flattened globular vase, painted by H. Allen, signed, with Night Heron, 11.5cm high, printed mark . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £420.00
A Doulton Lambeth Agate Ware half lobed jardiniere, applied in white slip with leafy bands, the neck pierced with floral roundels, 18.5cm high, impressed mark . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £180.00
A Langley Mill Oakes period stoneware Bonzo the Dog, in mottled tan and cream, 17.5cm high, printed mark; a similar Scottie Dog, in tan, 28cm high, printed mark, c.1938 (2) . Condition Report: Bonzo Good; Scottie with chip to point of ear


SOLD £85.00
A large pair of Langley Mill Pottery ovoid vases, tube lined with large poppy heads and foliage, in tones of salmon pink and green, outlined in gilt on a ribbed ground, cobalt blue everted neck, applied with stylised flowerheads, 36.5cm high, impressed mark . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £65.00
A Denby Danesby Ware Electric Blue owl jug, scroll handle, 17.5cm high, c.1925 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £80.00
A Denby Tigo Ware Florence vase, designed by Tibor Reich, in black and white, 38 cm high, printed mark, c.1956 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £1200.00
A Clarice Cliff Aurea pattern bowl, brightly painted with large marigold type flowers on sinuous stems, in tones of green, brown, yellow and pink, the interior with dripped glaze, 21cm diam, printed mark . Condition Report: Good, some scratches to paint


SOLD £110.00
A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Picasso Flower pattern Odilon jug, angular handle, brightly decorated with large orange flowers and black and green bands on a honey glaze ground, 17.5cm high, printed mark, c.1930 . Condition Report: The spout has a crack that runs down one side and just past the point on the other side - image available


SOLD £180.00
A Clarice Cliff Crocus pattern conical sugar caster, brightly decorated with orange, yellow and purple flowers, banded in tan and yellow, 14cm high, printed mark in black . Condition Report: Some staining to glaze


SOLD £100.00
A Clarice Cliff Delecia Citrus pattern Greek jug, brightly decorated with orange and yellow fruits above a dripped green and black glaze, loop handle, 23cm high, printed mark, shape no.563 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £200.00
A Clarice Cliff Delecia Pansies circular dish, brightly painted with yellow pansy below a blue, brown and yellow dripped glaze, 9.5cm diam, printed mark, c.1931 . Condition Report: Some scratches to paint


SOLD £60.00
A Clarice Cliff Gay Day vase, brightly decorated with purple, orange and tan flowerheads, the ribbed neck in yellow, 21cm high, printed mark, shape no.358 . Condition Report: Good some small scratches to glaze


SOLD £280.00
A Clarice Cliff Jonquil pattern bowl, brightly decorated with green and yellow flowers outlined in black, above a dripped green, brown and mustard glaze, 24cm diam, printed mark, c.1935 . Condition Report: Good, the interior with some wear


SOLD £100.00
A Clarice Cliff Orange Autumn pattern Humpty sugar bowl, brightly decorated with trees with sinuous stems and balloon shaped foliage and a cottage half hidden by bushes, 8.5cm high, printed mark,s c.1932 . Condition Report: Some minor scratches to paint


SOLD £90.00
A Clarice Cliff Pink Pearls pattern baluster shoulder vase, brightly painted with large marigold type flowers on sinuous stems, in tones of pink, yellow and green, 29cm high, printed mark, shape no.4 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £260.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 3 to 39     Page 1 of 69
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