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Fine Art Sale December 2011 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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An Art Nouveau Liberty & Co vase, flared cylindrical neck, globular base, in relief with flowerheads and sinuous stems, in mottled tones of blue, loop handles, 29cm high, impressed mark, Made for Liberty & Co, shape no. 2122 . Condition Report: good, a couple of chips to glaze around rim spotting to glaze, slight paint spot of white paint to bottom section, small chip to underside of rim, slightly rough texture to the end of one handle.. otherwise good


SOLD £240.00
A 1930's Goldscheider terracotta Tragedy face mask, as a stylised female face half concealed by a theatre mask picked out in black and orange, printed and incised marks, 35cm long, model no.6288 . Condition Report: good, the black mask has had its nose restored, model no.6288


SOLD £550.00
A Black Ryden panelled baluster vase, decorated in a mottled drip glaze in tones of buff, red and blue, 31cm high, impressed mark, boxed


SOLD £65.00
A Boch Freres La Louviere, Belgium wall charger, indistinctly signed, painted with lilies outlined in yellow on a celadon ground, 39.5cm diam, painted mark


SOLD £150.00
A Burmantofts jardiniere, tube lied with leaves and vine , 18cm diam, impressed mark, shape no.1774 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £40.00
A Burmantofts Faience two-handled ovoid vase, tube lined with ravens and stylised flowers and leaves, in tones of greens, blue and browns , 31cm high, impressed mark, shape no.2062 . Condition Report: good


SOLD £180.00
A Bursley Ware Charlotte Rhead charger, TL43, tube lined with large stylised flowers, foliage and berries, dash border, in tones of blue and purple, outlined in black, 36.5cm diam, printed mark . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £80.00
A Charles Vyse figure group, La Folie Bergere, a child leap - frogging Pan, whilst Pan cradles a lamb, canted rectangular base, wooden plinth, 32cm high, incised signature C. Vyse, Chelsea, c.1927 . Condition Report: good, a leaf missing from pan's crown, chips to flowers on child's crown and flowers to base


SOLD £2400.00
A Charles Vyse figure group, Morning Ride, modelled as a young faun, seated on the back of a large snail, painted in muted shades of lilac, green and blue, 22.5cm high, c.1935 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £800.00
A Charles Vyse group, Mallard Drake, the duck modelled standing, with head turned over left shoulder, glazed in tones of pale blue, mauve and grey, 14cm high, incised under base C.Vyse B. Waller, Chelsea, c.1950 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £550.00
A Copeland type circular plaque, painted by William Yale, signed, with donkeys and cart, in mountainous landscape, 32.5cm diam, framed William Yale joined Copelands in 1869, having studied at a local School of Art. he remained there until about 1892 Upon leaving Copelands he set up a studio in London Road, Stoke-upon-Trent


SOLD £450.00
A Copenhagen Fan-tail dove, designed by Andrea Pedersen, lightly coloured, 22cm high, printed mark, 103 . Condition Report: Good, no chips, cracks or repairs


SOLD £270.00
A Copenhagen model, of a lioness, naturalistically modelled, coloured in buff, 31cm high, printed mark . Condition Report: Good condtion


SOLD £150.00
***This lot has been delivered in error to an incorrect client by Citylink. The client (Mr Spiteri) will call Citylink to arrange re-delivery to the correct client JT 19/152/11 ***A Dunmore art pottery novelty wall pocket, as a grotesque warty toad, glazed in tones of mottled green, 15cm wide, impressed mark, c.1900 . Condition Report: great thing, has had one of his legs off, couple of chips to glaze on underside, small chips to glaze of front toe and back toe


SOLD £190.00
A Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell nursery figure, Our Pets, modelled with two toddlers, one holding a doll, both looking at two rabbits, shaped base, 21cm high, printed mark . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £360.00
A Karlsruhe majolica square tile, in relief with two fan tailed fish, coloured in tones of blue, brown and turquoise, 22cm square, impressed mark . Condition Report: Some crazing


SOLD £50.00
A Zsolnay Pecs ovoid vase, with long slender neck, lustrous green glaze, 26cm high, printed mark . Condition Report: Neck has been off and reglued


SOLD £250.00
A Wilfred Gibson figure group, The Seesaw, typically coloured in blue, 15.5cm wide, signed; another, The Carousel, 22cm high (2) . Condition Report: The Carousel - base broken and reglued


SOLD £50.00
A mid 20th century ovoid lamp base, printed and painted with ducks amongst reeds, coloured in blue, yellow, green and black, picked out in black, brass base, 26cm high


SOLD £60.00
A pair of Royal Dux figures, of two classically dressed maidens, both standing by and holding oversized baskets, circular plinth bases, decorated in gilt shot enamels, 44cm high, applied pink triangle pad, impressed 2553 and 2254 . Condition Report: 2553 with basket she is holding in pieces


SOLD £280.00
A Pilkington Royal Lancastrian small ovoid vase, by Richard Joyce, painted with fish swimming below fronds, 10.5cm high, impressed marks, artist's monogram, dated 1907 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £1000.00
A Rosental model, Doe and Fawn, naturalistically modelled by Roehring, 30.5cm wide, impressed mark, shape no.895 . Condition Report: Good


SOLD £75.00
A Royal Dux Art Nouveau ovoid vase, in relief with fruit and foliage, sinuous stem handles, decorated in gilt shot enamels, 29.5cm high, pink triangle mark, model no.5316


SOLD £65.00
A Ruskin pale blue matt crystalline lamp base, cylindrical column, spreading octagonal base, 28.5cm high, impressed mark . Condition Report: good, great colour


SOLD £280.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 32     Page 1 of 64
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