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Collectors Sale September 2010 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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Medals, World War One, Military Medal, Group of Four, Military Medal George V, 1914/15 Trio, 57979 GNR H.W. TALBOT R.F.A, (his number is 57978 on the MM where he is a Lance Bombardier) mounted for wear, in bespoke display case, according to the card index he did have two numbers, but says they were 57970 and 57979; with ribbon bar, with 58th London Division card signed by Ramsay as Commanding officer, addressed to 57978 Talbot congratulating him on his gallant conduct on 23rd April 1918, at Aubigny; with a note dated 14th May 1918 informing his next of kin that he had been admitted to hospital on 3rd May after being gassed by a mustard shell and had suffered minor wounds; also 4th Army Headquarters card, again giving Talbot's number as 57978, signed by Rawlinson congratulating Talbot on the award of his MM; with a damaged City of London Police helmet plate 716


SOLD £340.00
Medal, 1911 Coronation Medal, St John Ambulance, CPL R. REYNOLDS, VF


SOLD £35.00
Medals, World War One, 1914/15 Trio, L-26035 DVR H.C. HARRISON RFA, hand made dog tag; ribbon bars; with London County Council Attendance medal for 1909/10


SOLD £55.00
Medals, World War One, Pair, 220809 DVR A.E. BREWSTER R.A, (220809, 877173 RA/RFA according to card index) with a small frame 'Presented to Driver A.E. Brewster ASC by HRH Queen Mary, at Richmond Military Hospital on, 20th January 1916' (whatever was presented has subsequently been removed from the frame and Brewster was never in the ASC); World War Two, Defence (2), War [6]


SOLD £32.00
Medals, World War One, Group of Four, 1914/15 Star Trio, Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, 134 GNR E.A. LONGHURST R.F.A., (313141 RA on BWM, Victory and TFEM), mounted for wear; contemporary mounted miniature groups, MC, 1914/15 trio, French award; 1914/15 trio; BWM, Victory, TWM Volunteers; World War Two, full size, 1939/45, Burma, Defence (2), War; mounted miniatures War Medal and 1953 Coronation


SOLD £150.00
Medals, World War One, Military Medal, Group of Three, 113645 BMBR A.CPL A.S. BARKER R.F.A., (SJT R.A. on BWM and Victory), mounted on bar with Queen's South Africa, four bars, engraved 8088 PTE A.BARKER SCOTS GDS, with Q.S.A. to left of MM, possibly indicating it was awarded to A.S. Barker's father [4]


SOLD £450.00
Medals, World War One, Pair, 44111 PTE J.J. HILLMAN THE QUEEN'S REG, with base metal 1930-31 prize medal for athletics; cap badges (3); few coins in silver and base metal; World War Two, Third Reich, Iron Cross


SOLD £85.00
Medals, World War One, part group of two, 1914 Star, Victory, 27314 GNR W(illiam) MOISEY R.F.A, Bombardier on Victory, in Princess Mary Christmas tin, with his Soldier's Small book showing that he enlisted in 1905 and served for 16 years; World War One German pair, Iron Cross, Krieger Verein Oeding


SOLD £85.00
Medals, World War Two, group of six, 1939/45, Africa (1st Army bar), Italy, France & Germany, Defence, War, with box addressed F.R.SMITH, 3 CHAPEL LANE, CHELLASTON, DERBYS, and Army Council slip; with quantity of ribbon bars, some with rosettes


SOLD £32.00
Medals, World War One, Pair, 1283, GNR W(illiam) H. BARTLETT R.A, EF


SOLD £18.00
Medals, Victoria, Long Service in the Volunteer Force, unnamed as issued VF; Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, George VI, T/5330914 PTE W.C. BRIND R.A.S.C.; World War Two, 1939/45, Defence (2), War, St John Ambulance Medal 46081 PTE R. DAY B'HAM SJAB 1951 [7]


SOLD £70.00
Medals, World War One, part group of three, 1914/15 star incorrectly named 411 BMDR J.T. BULL R.F.C., Victory named 411 SJT J.T. BULL R.A., T.F.E.M. George V, 800634 SJT T.J. (sic) BULL R.F.A., card index states Royal Field Artillery, gives both numbers, and gives first name as James [3]


SOLD £45.00
Militaria, Germany, Third Reich, Hitler badge in aluminium by WHW 1935-36 Gau Hall-Merseburg; Reichpartei Dag, 1936, zinc badge by Brehmer; others (2) [4]


SOLD £25.00
Militaria, Princess Mary Christmas tin, complete with cigarettes, empty cigarette packet, and Christmas cards and photographs for 1914 & 1915


SOLD £40.00
Medals, Group of Three, Boer War, Queen's South Africa, five bars, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, SA 1901, SA 1902, 23568 CORPL R.H. PERRYMAN 5TH COY IMP YEO, good VF, World War One, Pair, A-198952 A.S.SJT R(obert) H. PERRYMAN A.S.C., (on index cards also as A/460155); World War Two, attributed to Perryman's son, 1939-45, Africa, War, Defence, with mounted miniatures and LCC Kings Medal 1912-13 R. PERRYMAN


SOLD £170.00
Medals, Easter Rising Interest, World War One, Group and Part group to brothers, one KIA, Pair and Plaque, 490060 SPR George William Clarke RE, in box of issue, with Telegram informing of his death and letter indicating he died of wounds in the 53rd General Hospital, Boulogne, caused by Gas Poisoning on 13th October 1917; with three Postcards relating to the Dublin Easter Rising sent by George William Clarke and indicating his participation in the suppression of the revolt. The Rising was an insurrection staged in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916, with the aim of ending British rule and establishing a Republic. It was the most significant uprising in Ireland since 1798. It was suppressed after seven days and its leaders were court-martialled and executed. It is extremely rare to find direct evidence of a British soldier participating in the suppression; sweetheart badge; Oddfellows silver jewel; with British War Medal, 251335 PTE R(eginald) CLARKE WEST & CUMB Y, George William's brother, with postcards rps of each man in military uniform


SOLD £410.00
Militaria, World War One, British military cap badges, on belts mainly regiments (*42), loose (*33), shoulder titles including City Manchester 2, City Manchester 3, few buttons etc


SOLD £400.00
Militaria, Postcards, World War One and later, Notts and Derby rps including football team and cup; others topo; Song cards; few badges, buttons, etc


SOLD £30.00
Medal, Civilian M.B.E., boxed, with framed 1982 certificate named to Eva Annie Jackson, with Statutes, Official letters etc


SOLD £70.00
Medals, World War One, Group of Four, Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, George V, 1914/15 trio, 1230 PTE G.W. HASLAM NOTTS & DERBY R, CPL on BWM, Victory and TFEM, 305070 on TFEM [4]


SOLD £150.00
Militaria, Germany, Third Reich, 5 Komp Inf Rgt 48, Memories of Military Service photo album, Erinnerungen an meine Wehrdienstzeit, vom 1.10.1936 - 1.10.1938, military photographs various formats up to postcard size, all annotated, including marching men, men on manoeuvres, some photographs removed [*100]


SOLD £85.00
Militaria, Germany, Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, Bilder Aus Dem Leben Des Fuhrers, cigarette card album, complete good-vg


SOLD £70.00
Militaria, Germany, Third Reich, Deutsches Reichbahn, silver plated bud vase marked DR with eagle and swastika and marked to base ALPAKA 241; with Red Cross medals and other items


SOLD £90.00
Medals, and other items, Family group, World War One, Pair, M1-7629 PTE G(eorge) SIBSON A.S.C; 5th Motor Amb Convoy, K.I.A. 14/3/1915; with miniatures 1914/15 Trio mounted on bar; Pair, 32025 PTE C. MOTTASHED NOTTS & DERBY R, with dogs tags; collars; Princess Mary Christmas tin with bullet pencil, Mottashed transferred to 662948 Labour corps after losing a leg; with photo of man and related ephemera; notice on Manchester Regiment cards announcing death of Harold Mottashed, postcard photograph sent by man, other ephemera relating; The Manchester Regiment, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th battalions, listing death of Harold Mottashed, official Remembrance Scroll giving regiment as Loyal N. Lancashire Regt; Silver prize fob won by 17th Bn Manchester Regiment Lance Cpl Mottershead (sic); World War Two, Pair, Defence, War and Pay book for 7899160, Richard William Gregory Syson; Pair, Defence, 1953 Coronation mounted on bar; Single War medal (copy); Peace medal, 1919, Bournemouth, silver coloured in silver mount; Silver Sweetheart The West Riding, St John Ambulance medal and bars to Phyllis Mottashed; Kings Badge, boxed; miniature QSA; 13th regiment of Light dragoons, Account Book of Timothy Syson, no.761, showing he served in the Indian Campaign of 1839, and was born Wollaton, Nottingham; Coronation and Jubilee medals in silver 1902, and base metal, 1887, 1897, 1902 East Retford (2), 1937 (5); Journeymen Butchers' enamel badge; Lusitania medal boxed; Coins, Crown 1892


SOLD £260.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 34     Page 1 of 18
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