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Auctioneers & Valuers

Collectors Sale February 2010 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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A German bisque head and composition body sleeping doll impressed marks 'Porzellanlabrik Burggrub, 169 Special 12 Germany', blue glass eyes, open mouth revealing two upper teeth and tongue and painted features, 60cm high. (Faults)


SOLD £120.00
An Armand & Marseille bisque head and composition body doll with blue glass sleeping eyes, open lips revealing three teeth and painted features. The doll was supposedly found in a ditch in Germany during WW1, 29cm high. (Faults).


SOLD £75.00
A Heaubach Kopplesdorf Bisque head and cloth filled body doll, impressed marks 275.14, sleeping blue glass eyes, brown wig and partly open mouth, 31cm tall. (Faults).


SOLD £30.00
A celluloid 'Turtle' mark doll of an Austrian boy, possibly Rhenische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik Co, marked T40, 42cm high.


SOLD £60.00
A Heubach Kopplesdorf bisque head and composition body doll, sleeping brown glass eyes, painted red lips revealing two upper teeth, marked 'Heubach Kopplesdorf 320.1 Germany', 45cm tall.


SOLD £75.00
A Schoneau & Hoffmeister bisque head and composition body doll, sleeping blue glass eyes, painted lips revealing teeth, marked 'SPBH 1909, 6.5 Germany', 57cm tall. (Faults)


SOLD £60.00
A Porzellanfabrik Burggrub bisque head and composition body doll, brown glass eyes, large painted lips revealing two upper teeth and tonque, 61cm tall.


SOLD £130.00
A Schuco blonde mohair miniature rabbit, felt ear pads, metal bead eyes, red stitched nose and mouth, jointed body, 9cm high, 1950's; a blonde mohair 'Jocko' monkey, glass eyes, felt face, ears and paws, straw filled jointed body, 30cm long, 1950's. (2)


SOLD £80.00
Steiff Mecki with yellow tag 8717,70, produced between 1952-1958, 18cm high; Steiff Mucki girl hedgehog, rooted tipped mohair, complete with clothing, no tags, 12cm high. (2)


SOLD £40.00
A kapok filled English golden mohair teddy bear with growler, amber and black plastic eyes, leather type pads to hands and feet, black stitched nose and mouth, c. 1960, 55cm high.


SOLD £70.00
A wind-up musical Pedigree bear, black and amber plastic eyes, stitched black mouth and velveteen pads to hands and feet, c.1950, 54cm high. (Faults)


SOLD £75.00
Dinky Supertoys 968 B.B.C TV Roving eye vehicle, boxed.


SOLD £100.00
Dinky Supertoys 642 pressure refueler, boxed


SOLD £75.00
Dinky Supertoys 955 fire engine with extending ladder, boxed


SOLD £45.00
Dinky Supertoys 956 Turntable Fire Escape, boxed


SOLD £65.00
Dinky Supertoys 991 A.E.C Tanker 'Shell chemicals limited', boxed.


SOLD £85.00
Dinky Supertoys 903 Foden Flat Truck with tailboard, blue cab and base and orange tailboard, boxed.


SOLD £160.00
Dinky 430 Breakdown lorry commer chassis, boxed.


SOLD £60.00
Dinky Toys 176 Austin A105 saloon with windows, boxed.


SOLD £85.00
Dinky Toys Nash rambler with windows, boxed.


SOLD £50.00
Dinky Toys 236 Connaught racing car, green body with white racing driver, boxed.


SOLD £40.00
Dinky 404 Conveyancer fork lift truck, boxed.


SOLD £20.00
Dinky Toys 409 Bedford articulated lorry, yellow body, boxed.


SOLD £50.00
Dinky Toys 408 Big Bedford lorry, maroon cab, fawn truck body, boxed.


SOLD £65.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 26     Page 1 of 13
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