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Antiques and Fine Art Sale - June 2009 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
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Military Interest/Trench Art - an unusual electro-plated four piece tea service and two-handled rounded rectangular tray, formed from Second World War shell casings, comprising teapot, hot water pot, milk jug and two-handled sugar basin, hinged covers, Bakelite hexagonal section bar handles, skirted bases, the tray 46cm wide, War Department marks, the shell casings dated 1941 - 43 (5)


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
An early 20th century oak canteen of E.P.N.S Old English pattern cutlery, for twelve, comprising table knives, table forks, tablespoons, dessert knives, dessert forks, dessert spoons, soup spoons, tea spoons, a pair of carving knives, a pair of carving forks, a pair of sauce ladles, a pair of sugar bows, a cake slice, a pair of servers and a knife sharpener, the knives with ivorine handles, the case with brass swing handles, 50cm wide, c.1930


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
An Art Nouveau electro-plated rectangular table casket, in the manner of WMF, hinged cover in relief with a classical lady in a flowing dress, stylised geometric shapes and lines, bracket feet, 11cm wide, c.1905


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
An Art Deco shaped rectangular serving tray, moulded border, re-entrant angles, plain field, stylised loop handles, 66cm wide, c.1925


est £50.00 - £70.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S shaped oval serving tray, bold flower and foliate cast border, the field engraved with flowers and scrolling foliage, shell and C-scroll cast handles, conforming cartouche shaped feet, 87cm wide, c.1860


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S rounded rectangular snuff box, engraved overall with scenes from Aesop's Fables, security hinged cover centred by a shield shaped cartouche, reeded sides, 8cm wide, c.1890


est £30.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S oval serving tray, the field engraved with scrolling foliage, swags and bands of trellis, leafy scroll and guilloche cast loop handles, 75cm wide, c.1870


est £50.00 - £70.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S oval breakfast dish, domed retractable cover bright-cut engraved with strap-work and leafy floral swags, lug thumb piece, set with an ivory roundel, enclosing a pierced liner, beaded border, leafy scroll cast handles, tall winged lion paw feet, 34cm wide, c.1880


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S novelty telescopic pencil, as a plumb bob, loose ring finial, inscribed No. 42, 6cm long, retailed by Thornhill, registration diamond for 12th September 1873


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S mounted glass biscuit barrel, swing handle, circular cover surmounted by a faux coiled rope with a label inscribed Biscuits, decorated overall with frosted squares, 18cm high, c.1880


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S fluted oval biscuit box, knop finial, hinged domed cover, engraved with tall foliate sprigs, loose ring lion mask handles, dished base, scroll cast cartouche shaped feet, 18cm wide, c.1880


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S five piece tea and coffee service, comprising teapot, coffee pot, hot water jug, milk jug and two-handled sugar basin, button finials, flush-hinged covers, scroll capped handles, bright-cut engraved with bands of oval paterae outlined with wrigglework, rim bases, ivory insulators, the coffee pot 20cm high, design no. 5892, date code for 1859 Made for the Shrewsbury Arms Hotel, Rugeley, Staffordshire


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A Victorian E.P.N.S cauldron shaped food warmer, in the manner of Dr Christopher Dresser, flared rim, engine turned and applied to recto and verso by a vacant shaped oval cartouche, stump feet, swing handle, suspended on a chain from a rustic tripod frame, 43cm high, model no. 11067, Elkington & Co, date code for 1888


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
A pair of George IV Sheffield plate circular wine coasters, gadrooned borders, draught turned bases, 15.5cm diam, c.1825


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
A pair of E.P.N.S. neo-classical style candlesticks, urnular scones, tapering columns, square canted bases, 19.5cm high


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
A Henninger nickel silver mounted crackle glass ice bucket, flowering leafy scroll handles, pierced pendant border outlined with wrigglework, conforming strainer, 29cm wide, 20th century


est £30.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
A George III style dish cross, pierced central boss, beaded border, leafy scroll legs, shell rests and feet, 33cm wide


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A pair of George III Sheffield plate mounted slice-cut slender ovoid oil bottles, hinged covers with shell thumb pieces, beaded collars, scroll handles, notch-cut circular bases, 20cm high, c.1805


est £80.00 - £120.00 (unsold)
A George V three piece boat shaped tea service, comprising teapot, milk jug and two-handled sugar basin, knop finial, hinged domed cover, anngular scroll handles, gadrooned borders with leafy scrolls to angles, bun feet, the teapot with Bakelite fittings, 27cm long, Aitken Brothers, Sheffield 1928 & 29, 37oz gross


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A 19th century baby's rattle, embossed and engraved with flowers and stiff leaves, whistle terminal, coral haft/teether, 9cm long, apparently unmarked, c.1880


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A composed George III/IV dessert service, for twelve, comprising knives and forks, mother-of-pearl hafts, Sheffield 1797, 1798 & 1827, cased


est £120.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A composed George VI eleven piece dressing table set, comprising bottles and jars, of varying sizes, comb, pair of hair brushes, clothes brush and hand mirror, each engine turned, Padgett & Branham Ltd, Thomas D Pannett & Sons, London 1942, 1946 & 1947


est £70.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A George I vase shaped pepper, flower and foliate pierced bun top, centre girdle, spreading and stepped circular base, 9.5cm high, Meshach Godwin, London 1723, 2oz


est £400.00 - £600.00 (unsold)
A George I/II vase shaped pepper, pierced bun top, moulded girdles, spreading and stepped circular base, 9cm high, Newcastle, c.1730, 3oz


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 51     Page 1 of 48
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