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Auctioneers & Valuers

Antiques and Fine Art Sale - June 2008 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
Lots 4 to 53     Page 1 of 35
A good pair of Victorian E.P.N.S. comports, in the Oriental taste, gadrooned borders, each deep circular bowl resting on beaded and foliate engraved stems above three supports cast as camels draped with tasseled hangings, shaped canted triform base cast with shells, scrolls, stiff foliage and flowers, faux tasseled apron, fluted feet, 29cm diam, numbered 4188, c.1870


SOLD £450.00
A pair of E.P.N.S. novelty knife rests, as railway sleepers, 7cm long


SOLD £40.00
A pair of George III stop-fluted Corinthian column taper sticks, stepped square bases, 20cm high, c.1800 (one detachable nozzle absent)


SOLD £35.00
A set of four Victorian E.P.N.S. shaped circular salts, wavy rims, Morocco leather case, c.1890


SOLD £20.00
A set of twelve E.P.N.S novelty knife rests, each cast as a wild animal, 7.5cm long; an Art Deco E.P.N.S rounded rectangular serving tray, 32cm wide; a late Victorian E.P.N.S crumber, engraved with scrolling foliage, 14.5cm wide, c.1895 (3)


SOLD £65.00
A Victorian E.P.N.S table centrepiece, the central clear glass epergne flute restrained within a socket cast with three cranes against rushes, above a circular stand supported on three trellis pierced brackets, above three bell husk festooned scrolls surmounted by eagle finials, triform base cast with a border of stylised stiff foliage, fluted bracket feet, 45.5cm high, James Dixon & Son, c. 1880


SOLD £250.00
A Victorian E.P.N.S spirit kettle, in the manner of Dr Christopher Dresser, with bar handle on tall posted columns, the wirework stand with spalyed legs, ball feet, burner ensuite, 29cm high


SOLD £40.00
An E.P.N.S. breakfast dish, domed retracting cover, the interior with pierced liner, tall reeded legs, 34cm wide; an E.P.N.S. shaped circular tray, in George III style, knurl feet, 31cm diam; an E.P.N.S shaped oval gallery tray, 55cm long (3)


SOLD £70.00
An E.P.N.S. four-piece tea and coffee service, of fluted waisted ovoid form, domed covers, wavy rims, leafy scroll feet, composition scroll handles and button finials, coffee pot 25cm high


SOLD £45.00
An Elkington and Co chamberstick, detachable sconce, conical snuffer, dished circular base, 17cm diam; an E.P.N.S. table centrepiece, central flared cylindrical funnel etched with flowers and foliage, wirework stand, triform base, ball feet, 36cm high; etc (3)


SOLD £35.00
A commemorative chess set for the Spassky-Fischer World Championships, 1972, silver tops and board markers, limited edition 28/650, cased


SOLD £400.00
A Victorian fluted oval mustard, domed cover, gadrooned border, angular scroll handle, 8cm long, Walker & Hall, Birmingham 1898; an Edwardian shell salt, ball feet, ball feet, 5.5cm wide, William Deakin, Birmingham 1905; etc (9)


SOLD £80.00
An Edwardian shaped rectangular dressing table tray, fluted border, embossed with flowers and scrolling folliage, 23.5cm wide, Birmingham 1907; a George V smelling salts bottle, screw fitting cover decorated in engine turned green enamel, facet-cut, 9cm high, London 1927; others; etc (8)


SOLD £45.00
A pair of Victorian boat shaped salts, spreading and stepped oval bases, gilt interiors, 8cm long, London 1899; an Edwardian inkwell, shaped circular hinged cover, deep collar above a band of strawberry diamonds, mahogany base, 8cm high, Birmingham 1901 (3)


SOLD £40.00
A George V table centrepiece, pierced borders, central circular sweetmeat dish above two smaller conforming dishes suspended from scroll brackets, spreading circular base, 18cm high, Mappin & Webb, London 1910


SOLD £110.00
A Victorian novelty sugar scuttle, acanthus cast scroll handle, conforming scoop, spreading and stepped circular base, 15cm long, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1888


SOLD £130.00
A George II style shaped circular waiter, piecrust border, acanthus wrapped scroll feet, 20.5cm diam, E. Viners, Sheffield 1964


SOLD £65.00
An unusually large Victorian mushroom inkwell, hinged domed silver cover, hobnail-cut base, 16cm diam, London 1894


SOLD £270.00
A 19th century Scottish horn snuff mull, hinged cover applied with thistle engraved cut-card work and set with a faceted amber cabachon, 7cm long, c.1850


SOLD £190.00
A 19th century Scottish silver coloured metal mounted powder horn, shaped mounts engraved with thistles, set with a red glass cabachon, mounted with a shaped oval cartouche inscribed A Bruce, screw cap to base, suspension chain, 34cm long, c.1850


SOLD £480.00
A 20th century German canteen of cutlery, for six, comprising table knives, table forks and table spoons, Halbmond Und Krone mark, cased


SOLD £130.00
A Charles I style seal top spoon, Thomas Bradbury & Sons, Sheffield 1926


SOLD £30.00
An early 20th century Continental rectangular cigarette case, hinged cover decorated in coloured enamels with a sailing boat on calm waters in moonlight, canted borders engraved with scrolling foliage, gilt interior, 8cm long, import marks for London 1927


SOLD £160.00
A George II spreading cylindrical mug, moulded rim, capped scroll handle, three-quarter girdle, skirted base, 12cm high, Isaac Cookson, Newcastle 1732, 10oz


SOLD £260.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 4 to 53     Page 1 of 35
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