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Specialist Toy and Juvenalia Sale [ARCHIVE]

Specialist Toy and Juvenalia Sale

Lots per page: 24
Lots 3000 to 3027     Page 1 of 25
An early 20th Century mohair bear, with small ears, horizontal stitched snout, 31cm long, c 1918


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
A mid 20th century mohair bear, riding a red metal tricycle, the bear with small ears, red top, felt pads and muzzle, 26cm high, c.1940


SOLD £25.00
A mid 20th century brown plush musical Teddy Bear, glass eyes, stitched nose, centre seam, wind up musical movement, playing Brahms Lullaby, unmarked, 44cm long


est £20.00 - £30.00 (unsold)
A mid 20th century clockwork musical Teddy Bear, glass eyes, moulded rubber nose, golden side seamed body, pad feet, rear offset key wind musical movement playing a Lullaby, pad feet, 41cm long


est £20.00 - £30.00 (unsold)
An early 20th century gold plush humpback Teddy Bear, unusual leather capped joints, black button eyes, vertical stitched nose, centre seam body, later felt pad feet, 36cm long; another smaller with squeeze voice box, 21cm long (2)


SOLD £220.00
Deans Rag Book Co - a 1994 limited edition club membership bear, Hector, 1321; others 1995 Herbert, 2093; 1996 Humphrey 2204; another George, 1142 (4)


SOLD £40.00
Merry thought - a teddy bear, covered in worn gold plush, black/amber eyes, swivel joints, felt pads, button to left ear, vertical stitched nose, labelled to foot, Hygenic Toys, 53cm high, c.1935; another later limited edition Wellington Teddy Bear, 1455/2500, with tags, 38cm high (2)


SOLD £30.00
An Alpha Farnell Merry Thought limited edition Teddy Bear, large gold plush body, amber and black eyes, signed, Oliver Holmes, No 001/500, 68cm long; another smaller Farnell Alpha Toys, 45cm long (2)


SOLD £35.00
A Musical Teddy Bear, possibly Pixie Joy (Stourbridge) with suede pads and label to foot, music box in working order with `Genuine Thorens Swiss Music Work` tag. 30cm. high


est £20.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
Bears - a large mid 20th century golden yellow Teddy Bear, amber plastic eyes, moulded nose, HMP (His Majesty's Prisons/Police uniform buttoned joints, pad feet, 80 cm long; others Smaller Johanna Haida, Max growling bear, 34cm high; P Lawton hump back, 34cm high; Palla Ursine recycled bear, 34cm high (4)


est £20.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
Contemporary Bears - a Whittle Le Woods Sailor bear, jacket, suspending a Trio of World War I dress Miniature medals, inc 14-15 star; 62cm long; others Pam Howells Bears That Are Special, 56cm long; Sue Foskey Nostalgic bear Co, 36cm long; Willow Bears etc (6)


SOLD £85.00
Contemporary Bears - a Harrods 2005 20th Anniversary bear, 43cm long; Johanna Haida Sonnenberg growler bear; 50cm high; others, Charnwood bear, 44cm long; Clockwork musical lulaby white bear, 40cm long; Busy Bear, 46cm long etc (6)


SOLD £35.00
Teddy Bears - a Steiff Elmar bear, A 657244, with yellow ear tag, 022456; others; a Steiff 1880 - 2005 Golden Mohair commemorative bear, 038976, white ear tag no 06468, boxed; a Suki Silver Tag Olivia bear, boxed; a miniature Gabrielle Designs Paddington Bear, dated 1977 (4)


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
A Norah Wellings white rabbit, with yellow velvet dungarees, 21cm high. label to foot; a Steiff (Germany) white mohair Lamby, glass eyes, bell to neck, paper label, trademark button to ear, 14cm high; a knitted golly, 14.5cm high (3)


SOLD £45.00
A mid 20th century French Loulou Boudoir dog pyjama case, open mouth, lolling tongue, applied eyes, adjustable rotating head, cutly creamy white coat, lined compartment with zip, 58cm long


SOLD £150.00
Soft/stuffed Toys - a gold plush rabbit, horizontal stitched nose, centre seam, articulated limbs, missing eyes and one ear, unmarked, 15,5cm long'; others 20cm long and smaller; Ganz Cottage Collectables; St Bernard dog with barrel collar etc (7)


SOLD £55.00
Teddy Bears - a Hermann miniature limited edition Deb Canham design Mohair collection Peter Rabbit, 2296/3000; another Golly Gosh 1110/3000, both boxed with certificates; others Cottage Collectable's, Little Gems, Liberty, Buff n Co etc (12)


SOLD £240.00
Stuffed Toys & Teddy Bears - a late 19th/early 20th century papier mache and composite pull along bear, gold plush body, hidden wheels one to each foot, unmarked, 37cm long; a Basotho Sheepskin products Maseru Rabbit; black sheep; penguin etc (6)


SOLD £90.00
Teddy Bears - an early 20th century gold plush bear, centre seam, vertical stitched nose, later eyes, pad feet, approx 50cm long; another; a larger later lying down; an Appletree bear; angle bear etc smallest approx 20cm high (7)


SOLD £60.00
Teddy Bears - an early 20th century hump back gold plush beat, centre seam, pointed snout, vertical stitched nose, later eyes and pads, 26cm long; a Beechfield collectors bear and bear cub; nodding head etc, largest approx 38cm, smallest 12cm (7)


SOLD £110.00
A 1972 Gabrielle Designs Ltd Paddington Bear with attached travel label 'Darkest Peru to London, England via Paddington Station' and a 1978 Gabrielle Designs Aunt Lucy Bear with label, 'Peruvian Rugby F.C. Reserves supporters club, ''St. Luke's First XV V the Peruvian Reserves, at Holland Park Stadium, London', height approx 47cm; another smaller 25cm high (3)


SOLD £150.00
Steiff Stuffed Toys - a Sissi Grey Seal, yellow tag, No 1178/14; Finny Dolphin, yellow tag, No 2320/25, others buttons but no tags, similar spotted Seal; smaller Grey Seal pup, Walrus etc (7)


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
Steiff Stuffed Toys - a pair of grey and Spotted Baby Owls, yellow tags, No 2591/22; others Ducks, pink and white, No 5691/13, Cozy Snuggle Duck, yellow and brown, blue beak, No 5381/13; Cozy Piccy, yellow, No 5377/12, all yellow tags (5)


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
Steiff Stuffed Toys - a large 1980s Molly Esel Donkey, Western Germany yellow tag, No 0335/55; others smaller ear buttons but no tags (3)


SOLD £35.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 3000 to 3027     Page 1 of 25
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