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Single Owner Worcester Collection Part Two [ARCHIVE]

Part two of our single owner Worcester collection sale.

Lots per page: 24
Lots 226 to 250     Page 1 of 11
A Worcester Fence pattern ogee shaped chocolate cup and saucer, serpent handles, printed in underglazed blue with fence, chrysanthemums and other foliage, painted cell border, crescent marks, The Wright Collection label, c.1765 Vendor's Note:- This shape surprisingly uncommon in blue and white. Similar item in Zorensky Collection, Part I, Bonhams, P.129


SOLD £90.00
A rare Worcester tea bowl and saucer, pencilled in monochrome with Oriental flower sprays and a moth, within foliate borders and four leaves picked out in red and gilt, the saucer 12cm diam, Zorka Hodgson Collection label, c.1755 Provenance: The Zorka Hodgson Collection, Bonhams, Lot 71


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
A Worcester Banded Hedge and Ho-Ho Bird pattern slightly flattened hexagonal bottle vase, colourfully painted with panels with flowering plants and flowers, 10cm high, Yarborough label, c. 1753-54 Provenance: The R.C. Yarborough Collection, California USA.


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A Worcester Boy on a Buffalo pattern bowl, pencilled in monochrome with a continuous landscape with boy riding a buffalo, stylised tree, boats and birds in flight, 12.2cm diam, workman's mark of cross in a small circle, c.1755 - 1756 Vendor's Note: Similar design in The Crane Collection, Bonhams, Lot 79; The Frank Wheeldon Collection, Bonhams, P.40; Pencilled means a small pointed brush, which paints the fine outline.


SOLD £80.00
A rare Worcester coffee cup, pencilled in black with oriental flower sprays, some picked out in gilt, the interior with stylised foliate scroll border, c.1770-72 (amended date)


SOLD £60.00
A Worcester Cos lettuce sauce boat, moulded in relief, delicately painted with coloured flowers and sprigs, brown line rim, curled spout, stalk handle, c.1754 Vendor's Note: This shape was copied from the Meissen style and were only made for approximately two years.


SOLD £140.00
A Worcester fluted hexagonal teapot stand, painted in Kakiemon enamels with a long tailed bird in flight above prunus and bamboo issuing from banded hedges, brown line rim, 14.1cm wide, c.1754-55 Provenance: Zorensky Collection, Bonhams, Part 1, Lot 59. Note: As with other 18th century factories Worcester did not match the decoration with the shape, the decoration is clearly Japanese, the shape copied from Chinese export wares.


SOLD £450.00
A Worcester hexagonal moulded cream boat, painted with colourful standing song bird, the verso with song bird on branch, the interior with flower sprays and flowerhead to centre, square section handle, high thumb rest, 10.5 cm long, c.1753-54 Provenance: Bonhams Bath 2007


SOLD £240.00
A Worcester Scarlet Japan pattern coffee cup, painted with alternating flowers, orange panel with fancy criss-cross gilding, mons and a figure holding a bird, ribbed handle, the interior with red floral mons, Christie's label, c. 1765


SOLD £60.00
A Worcester high footed sauce boat, of the Smoky Primitive variety, printed in black with Chinoiserie scenes and a bird, the spout with polychrome flower and puce cartouche, the interior with Bubbles, polychrome flowers to interior rim. 18.7cm long. c. 1754 Provenance: Christies Hearts of Oak Sale 2009, Lot 294. Note: The Little Bird in Handley Book 6.2. Bubbles in Cook. No17


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
A Worcester ivy leaf pickle dish, short stalk handle, enamelled in Chinese style outlined in black with formal flowerheads on trailing leafy branches, the underside moulded with the vines, 9.5cm long, c.1753-54 Provenance: Lyon and Turnbull, Edinburgh, 2009 Ref: Similar item in the Zorensky Collection, Part III Bonhams, Lot 5


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A Worcester octagonal coffee cup, delicately painted in the Chinese manner with alternating panels of flowering plants and insects, scroll handle, 5.5cm high, Leake Collection label, c.1753 Provenance: Barbara Leake Collection, Bonhams, Lot 168, P.60


SOLD £260.00
A Worcester Queen Charlotte coffee cup, typically decorated with alternating iron red and blue spirals, picked out in gilt, ribbed handle, 6cm high, workman's mark, T, c.1765-68 (amended date) Provenance: Purchased from Anton Gabszcwicz.


SOLD £30.00
A Worcester ribbed bell shaped coffee cup, decorated in the famille rose palette with two flowering branches of peonies, below a black diaper border with flowerhead panels, scroll handle, curled thumb rest, 5.5cm high, c.1754-55 Provenance: Bonhams, 2007, Lot 276


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A Worcester Cos Lettuce sauce boat, curved stalk handle, decorated with flowers, buds and leaves in pastel shades, the interior flower spray, brown rim line, 22cm long, c.1754-56 Provenance: Sir Jeremy Lever Collection Part II, Bonhams, Lot 4


SOLD £190.00
A Worcester ribbed coffee cup, decorated in the famille rose palette with two flowering peony branches and insects, formal floral and red line border, scroll handle with curved thumb rest, 5.2cm high, c.1756 (amended date) Provenance: Mellors and Kirk, Nottingham, 2012 Vendor's Note: Celia bought this as a present for Robert's 70th Birthday, he said it was the best present he ever received.


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A Worcester straight flared ribbed moulded coffee cup, shaped rim, enamelled in famille rose palette with floral sprigs, formal floral, the border with red line border, the handle with a pronounced thumb rest, 5.2cm high, c. 1753-54 Provenance: Bonhams, 2010


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
An early Worcester Transitional Period tea bowl, printed in monochrome after James Hancock, with ornithological study with a magpie, perched on a branch, other birds in flight, black line rim, 7.2cm diam, c.1755-56 Note: The Experimental Period. `Smokey Primitives' 1753-55 and the Transitional Period. 1755-56.


SOLD £75.00
A rare Worcester Smokey Primitive or Transitional Period finger bowl and stand, printed in grey and black with scenes of water birds, the stand with the wild ducks in flights, swans, trees and foliage, the finger bowls with swans on the water, one on a tussock and birds in flight, the verso with ducks, ducklings and heron, birds in flight, the stand 16.7cm diam, the bowls 8.9cm high, black line rims, c. 1755-58 Provenance: Sir Jeremy Lever Part I, Bonhams, P.113; The McWilliams Collection, Bonhams 17th October 1991, Lot.75 Vendor's Note: Smokey Primitive seems to be the initial phase of onglaze printing at Worcester 1753-55, then a brief period of Transitional period 1755-56, the Rococo Influence 1756-68 and then the Neo-Classical Influence 1768-74. It can be extremely difficult to differentiate between The Smokey Primitive and the Transitional period. Hence my heading at the top of this piece. Personally Robert and I think these are Smokies.


SOLD £280.00
A Worcester petal lobed finger bowl and stand, of typical form, painted in the Meissen manner, in soft colours, with sprays of roses and garden flowers with scattered sprigs, the stand 16.5cm diam, 9cm high, c.1757 Provenance: The Sir Jeremy Lever Collection, Bonhams, Part II page 10; The Zorensky Collection, Part II, Lot 36; a similar example was in the Rous Lench Collections, Sothebys 1986. Vendor's Note: This is one of the prettiest finger bowls I have seen.


SOLD £170.00
A Worcester Pu Tai pattern bell shaped coffee cup, wishbone handle, painted with a pot bellied monk seated by a rocky mound with two attendants to his left, one seated with a lotus flower, the other with a ball, the interior with iron red crowsfoot border picked out in gilt, 6.3cm high, c.1757 Note. This pattern copied directly from Chinese porcelain. Pu Tai was a Buddhist Monk who lived in the Tang dynasty, his image of the jovial Monk was adopted and the popular representation of Buddha himself.


SOLD £190.00
A rare Worcester bowl, pencilled in sepia with a Chinese landscape and figures by a fenced enclosure, two sampans on the reverse, the interior with a simple flower sprig, banded gilt diaper border, 15.3cm diam, c..1765-68 Vendors Note: the texture of the gilding used on the border is reminiscent of some of Giles decoration.


SOLD £170.00
A Worcester Red Bull pattern early globular teapot, painted with two figures beside cattle and further figure before rocks and trees, a red sun above, 9.5cm high, d workman's mark in pale green, c.1758-60 (amended date) Vendor's Note: According to John Sandon it is very rare to have a workman's mark put on an item in colour.


SOLD £110.00
A Worcester type Scarlet Japan pattern tea bowl and saucer, possibly painted by James Giles, with alternating flowers, orange panels with fancy criss-cross gilding and mons, the tea bowl with figures holding a bird, the saucer with two figures tending a garden, gilded rims, red floral mons to interior, the saucer 12.3cm diam (amended description) Provenance: Mellors and Kirk, Nottingham.


SOLD £100.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 226 to 250     Page 1 of 11
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