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Three Day Fine Art and Antique Sale [ARCHIVE]

Three Day fine art and antique sale Day 1 lots 1 - 350 Day 2 354 - 899 Day 3 920 - end of sale

Lots per page: 24
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A Victorian E.P.N.S desk or counter bell, push-lever mechanism, circular base bright-cut engraved with a band of vine and tendrils, bun feet, 11cm diam, c.1890


SOLD £130.00
An unusual E.P.N.S watering can, 18.5cm high


est £150.00 - £200.00 (unsold)
A large Victorian style E.P.N.S pedestal punch bowl, half wrythen-fluted and embossed with scrolling foliage, gadrooned rim, spreading base, 30cm diam


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A large Victorian two-handled serving tray, the field engraved and chased with crest and scrolling fruiting vine, the rim applied with vine, leafy handles, 69cm wide. c.1860


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A pair of post-Regency Sheffield plate fluted shaped circular wine coasters, fruiting vine borders, draught-turned mahogany bases, 19.5cm diam, c.1830


SOLD £180.00
A late 19th century E.P.N.S. cylindrical side-handled coffee or chocolate pot, pine cone finial, turned ebonised handle, acanthus borders, acanthus and swag feet, 20cm high, c.1890


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
An early 20th century electro-plated novelty bottle opener, cast as the head of a horse, 9.5cm high


SOLD £90.00
A Victorian clear glass and E.P.N.S mounted claret jug, 28cm high, c.1890; another, similar (2)


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A large Continental silver coloured metal nef, the three masts with billowing sails, figures on deck, the hull embossed with hatches and boards, 62cm high, 69cm long


SOLD £900.00
A large Victorian E.P.N.S two-handled rounded rectangular serving tray, gadrooned border with scrolling acanthus and shells to angles, 72cm wide, Walker & Hall, c.1890


est £70.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A Victorian silver-plated and glass table centre comport, circular saucer-shaped glass bowl etched with fruiting wine within leaf-shaped reserves, star cut base, the pedestal centred by a spherical knop chased and engraved with a band of flowerheads, surmounted by a beaded and dished reservoir, the base cast with a downswept band of acanthus leaves, above outswept trefoil-capped scroll feet cast with anthemions, lozenge and dogtooth band, each foot numbered 6521, 28cm high, the bowl 25.5cm diam, registration lozenge dated 10th September, 1854


SOLD £120.00
A Victorian E.P.N.S Albert pattern dessert service, comprising eighteen pairs of knives and forks, mahogany canteen, 34cm wide


est £60.00 - £80.00 (unsold)
An American sterling silver Francis I pattern serving fork, 24cm long, Reed & Barton, Taunton, Massachsetts, designed 1907, 4oz


est £70.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
A pair of George V cast silver spoons, the terminals with the arms of the Worshipful Company of Salters, the stems with motto Sal Omnia, shell bowls, 14.5cm long, Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1919


est £60.00 - £80.00 (unsold)
A pair of Elizabeth II silver grape shears, bright-cut engraved with acanthus and flowering C-scrolls, 17cm long, London 1987


SOLD £50.00
A William IV silver Fiddle pattern fish slice, shaped blade pierced with anthemions and stars, threaded border, 31cm long, William Chawner II, London 1831


SOLD £70.00
Georg Jensen - a set of six silver Beaded or Kugel pattern spoons, ensuite with a Rope or Perle pattern cream ladle, import marks for London 1925, cased


SOLD £260.00
Georg Jensen - a Danish silver pattern No.41 serving spoon, planished overall, 19cm long, import mark for London 1928; a caddy spoon, 11.5cm long (2)


SOLD £260.00
Georg Jensen - a Danish silver pattern No.21 serving fork, planished overall, 22cm long, c.1920


SOLD £120.00
A pair of George III Irish Bright-cut Pointed Old English pattern table spoons, 26cm long, William Hamy, Dublin 1801


est £200.00 - £250.00 (unsold)
A pair of rare Scottish Provincial silver sugar bows, quite plain, 16cm long, John Sellars, Wick c.1825


SOLD £550.00
A set of six American sterling silver hafted Marlborough pattern table knives, 23.5cm long, Reed & Barton, 20th century


SOLD £85.00
A Russian spoons, the haft cast wit a naked dancing lady, coin bowl, Vikor Vasilyevich Savinsky, Moscow 1859 - 1860; another (2)


SOLD £60.00
A 17th century silver Trefid pattern spoon, rat tail bowl, 18cm long, maker's mark only, I.G crowned, c.1685


SOLD £280.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 1 to 24     Page 1 of 58
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