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Auctioneers & Valuers

Toy and Juvenalia Sale [ARCHIVE]

Over 250 lots of toys and juvenalia

Lots per page: 24
Lots 5000 to 5030     Page 1 of 12
A Nora Wellings Island Girl velveteen doll, brown glass eyes, wearing beads and felt skirt, 35cm high, label to foot


SOLD £25.00
A Ernst Heubach bisque head doll, with open blue eyes, open mouth with six upper teeth, blond wig, cloth body, 45cm high, c.1910


SOLD £35.00
A 1920s papier-mâché ventriloquists dummy, fully working double action mouth and eyes, dressed as a Scotsman, in kilt, green jacket and beret, 110cm long, with instruction book


SOLD £300.00
Dolls - Marx Toys Johnnie West Cowboy Kid action figure, blue body, painted face, black hair; another Chief Cherokee; with rifles, head dress, frying pan, shield etc; a 1960s Action Man Talking Commander doll (3)


SOLD £35.00
Model Toys Ltd - a retro 1970s Havoc Doll & accessories inc Helmet, guns, binoculars, sleeping bag, parachute, inflatable blue dingy, boots, outfits etc qty


SOLD £35.00
Simon Halbig & Kammer Reinhardt - a young child bisque head doll, brown hair, sleeping grey blue eyes, open mouth, pierced ears, impressed marks, composite body and limbs,


SOLD £70.00
A 1960s Pedigree Sindy doll, brunette hair, assorted clothes and accessories including Weekenders, Lunch date, Country Walk, Undie World, etc all in a small suite case


SOLD £85.00
Sindy Dolls - a 1960s Sindy Doll, blond hair, blue eyes, others Patch and Paul, assorted clothes and accessories inc Emergency Ward Nurse outfit, Lunch Date, Weekenders, Patch Swan Lake, Gingham dress etc, in associated leatherette suit case


SOLD £120.00
Sindy Dolls - 1970s comprising centre part Sindy, wearing floral midi look outfit; others lovely Lively Gauntlet, floral dress (1973) ; Quick Curl, original dress, (1973); others dresses, Wardrobe, dressing table and stool, two white arm chairs, part boxed


SOLD £150.00
Sindy Dolls - 1970s comprising Trendy Girl Sindy doll, auburn hair, wearing 1973 Zing a ding; another Fun Time; a Patch doll, two Palitoy Pippa dolls, assorted clothes and accessories inc Horse Riding Outfit, Weekenders, Highland Fling, Royal Occasion etc qty


SOLD £300.00
Action Man Toys - 34373 Action Man Deep Sea Diver outfit,comprising fabric diving suit, boots, boot weights, breast plates, equipment belt, spanner, torch, pliers, oxygen pump (paper sticker), air hoses, sledge hammer, knife, scabbard, instruction leaflet, Equipment Manual. sealed; another Frogman outfit; Adventurer figure, another soldier etc, mostly boxed (5)


SOLD £160.00
Dolls - a mid 19ct century wax headed and limbed doll, of a girl, in lace trimmed period costume, blue eyes, brown ringlet hair, woven bonnet, 32cm high; another, smaller Sailor boy, painted wax head, blue jacket, boater hat, stripped shirt, white canvas trousers, composite limbs, 20cm high (2)


SOLD £40.00
A 19th century wax headed doll, of a standing lady, cast head and torso, facing at an slopped angle, moulded and painted features, grey hair, porcelain hands, dressed in a period costume of floral crossed top, pink skirt, upon a wire basket ring base, 39cm high


est £0.00 - £0.00 (unsold)
A pair of porcelain headed character dolls, Laurel and Hardy, cloth bodies, moulded porcelain heads and limbs, painted details, unmarked, 58cm long (2)


SOLD £20.00
A Germanic carved fruit wood doll, possibly 17th century, as a female with over lapping arms, long hair, pronounced ears and features, long faintly patterned dress, 19.5cm long


SOLD £85.00
A Chinese Opera Doll, composition head and body, painted details, wooden hands and feet, elaborate embroidered original costume, label to foot, 27cm high, late Qing


SOLD £40.00
A late 18th century painted wooden and fabric doll, single piece solid head and body, painted face and black hair, fabric encased wooden arms, soft stuffed fabric legs and feet, 21cm long


est £50.00 - £80.00 (unsold)
A composite head sailor boy doll, brown hair, moulded features, stuffed cloth body, dressed in original sailor suit of white jacket and blue trousers, 44cm long


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
Armand Marseille - a bisque head doll, brown hair, sleeping blue eyes, open mouth, impressed no 390n, A 11 M, verso, wood and composite body and limbs,


SOLD £40.00
An early 20th Century teddy bear, possible William Terry, pointed stitched nose, black spot painted glass eyes, canvas pads, stitched claws, humped back body with centre seam, unmarked, approx 37cm high; another smaller, both c.1915 (2)


SOLD £300.00
Steiff Teddy bears - a limited edition Breast Cancer Campaign Bear, Hope, white ear tag, No 664472, 00002/1500, bag and certificate; a small conforming porcelain bear, limbs detached, a Franklin Heirloom collection limited edition B4414, Merry Christmas bear with stand; a Gund Simply mohair bear, Christopher 44151 (4)


SOLD £45.00
Steiff - a large stuffed soft toy Elephant, Trotty, number 085277, yellow tag, 90cm


SOLD £110.00
Steiff Teddy Bears - a complete set of Four Seasons collection growling bears comprising Dylan Spring, number 654466; Sunny Summer, number 654473; Scrumpy Autumn, number 654435; and Hamish Winter, number 654459, each with yellow ear tag and stud, with certificates (4)


SOLD £70.00
Steiff Characters Bears- a Winnie the Pooh Bear, yellow ear tag, No 660474, bag and certificate; a Danbury Mint exclusive Tigger, yellow ear tag, No 660856, bag and certificate; four Rupert Bear figures, Rupert Bear, yellow label, No 662782, certificate; a White Edward Trunk Elephant, yellow ear tag, No 653612; a Bill Badger, white ear tag, No 653636, certificate; an Algy Pug limited edition, white ear tag, No 653582, certificate; a Danbury Mint Orinoco Womble, yellow ear tag, No 661679; a Paddington Bear 2003, mohair, white ear tag, No 354250 (8)


SOLD £260.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 5000 to 5030     Page 1 of 12
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