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Gentlemans Library and Grand Tour of Auction Curiosities Sale [ARCHIVE]

Gentlemans Library and Grand Tour of Auction Curiosities Sale

Lots per page: 24
Lots 3000 to 3023     Page 1 of 28
An interesting late Victorian walnut solitaire board, each globular playing piece a labelled geological specimen, including amphisole, argonite rouge, colombite, septariat jaune, episo-calcite and others, the board 31cm diam, c.1890


SOLD £200.00
A Victorian cast iron manual patent sewing machine, by James G Weir, Soho, printed in polychrome with flowers and outlined in gilt, stamped Registered 20 Nov 1869, ebonised case, 29cm wide overall


SOLD £90.00
A ''Waterloo'' Fire Extincteur (sic) Type D.D.2., by Read & Campbell Limited, London, 1938, the copper reservoir applied with a brass advertising plaque embossed with pictorial and inscribed instructions for use, carrying handle, brass cap, pipe to shoulder, studded girdles to shoulder and base, circular foot, 54cm high, dated 1938


SOLD £60.00
A 10'' terrestrial globe, the Phillip's Challenge Globe, turned ebonised base, 52cm high


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A 19th century agate rectangular miniature casket, hinged cover, gilt metal mounts, ball feet, 7cm wide, c.1870


SOLD £40.00
A 19th century alabaster model, of a King Charles spaniel, recumbent on a cushion, glass dome with ebonised base, 11cm wide, c.1860


SOLD £85.00
A 19th century amber miniature goblet, 1.5cm high


SOLD £130.00
A 19th century American cast copper portrait plaque, of Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865), bust-length and in profile, 17cm x 11cm, rosewood frame


SOLD £75.00
A 19th century American mahogany travelling thermometer, 10.5cm register signed J Wanamaker, Phila [Philadelphia], the sliding cover inverting for the pocket, brass ring handle, 14cm long overall, c.1880


est £60.00 - £80.00 (unsold)
A 19th century armorial plate, transfer printed with the arms and motto of Vernon of Sudbury Hall, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, inscribed Presented in Commemoration of the Coming of Age of The Honourable Augustus Henry Vernon, 1st Feby 1850, within a border of flowering vine, 26cm diam, impressed mark, c.1850


SOLD £30.00
A 19th century Baroque Revival parcel-gilt and dark patinated metal ewer, the shell shaped bowl supported by a satyr, circular base, scroll feet, 20.5cm high, c.1870


SOLD £120.00
A 19th century bone Barleycorn pattern chess set, red stained opposition, the kings 9.5cm high, c. 1860


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A 19th century 'boulle' rectangular desk blotter, inlaid in brass with leafy scrolls and strapwork, on a blue ground, 29.5cm long, c.1860


est £50.00 - £70.00 (unsold)
A 19th century boxwood and ebonised Staunton pattern chess set, weighted bases, the Kings 9.5cm high


SOLD £120.00
A 19th century brass jeweller's advertising diamond scoop, inscribed E Elliott, 55 Frederick St, Birmingham, Stone Dealer, Speciality - Opals, 8.5cm long


SOLD £45.00
A 19th century brass novelty string box, as a comical figure trapped within a barrel, screw-fitting cover, detachable arms, 9.5cm high, c.1880


SOLD £60.00
A 19th century brass pocket watch stand, as a scantily clad putto, kneeling, holding a chaplet, spreading base, 22cm high


est £50.00 - £70.00 (unsold)
A 19th century brass travelling inkwell, hinged cover mounted with red and turquoise cabochons, on an engraved ground of flowers and leafy scrolls, double-headed eagle mark, 4.5cm high, c.1870


SOLD £30.00
A 19th century brass triform swivel fob seal, the intaglio matrices as a ship, a bee and a classical urn, 2cm long


SOLD £35.00
A 19th century bronze desk bust, of a bearded gentleman, square marble base, 13.5cm high


SOLD £50.00
A 19th century bronze sundial, 15cm diam


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
A 19th century cameo conch shell, cut with a profile portrait roundel, 13cm wide; another, similar (2)


est £30.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
A 19th century Campaign-type oak folding stool, closing as a box for travel, 29.5cm wide


SOLD £130.00
A 19th century carnelian rounded rectangular intaglio, carved in relief with a bust-length profile of a lady from Classical Antiquity, 2.3cm x 1.9cm, c. 1820 - 1840; an early 19th century brown glass rectangular intaglio, moulded in relief with Cupid and Psyche, 4.3cm wide, c. 1825; a Victorian yellow-metal mounted armorial intaglio seal, crested matrix, loop suspension, c. 1860; another, similar; etc


est £70.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
Lots per page: 24
Lots 3000 to 3023     Page 1 of 28
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