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Toy Sale February 2016 [ARCHIVE]

Lots per page: 24
Lots 5001 to 5048     Page 1 of 7
Pelham Puppets - Witch, SM Range, round wooden head with painted features, green eyes, open/close mouth, composite hands, metal strip knee joints, painted teeth, wearing a black felt hat, long black dress with red and white Polka dot shawl and overdress piece, holding wooden and straw broomstick; others, SM Range,Old Lady, grey wavy bun hair, painted features, green eyes, ball nose, opening mouth, large composite hands with closed fingers, metal strip knee joints, string above knees, wearing a red felt hat, pink fur scarf, white blouse, floral printed skirt, , holding a duster and bucket; SL Range, Mr Jinks, moulded head, black painted features, black eyes, composite hands with three fingers, beaded legs, wearing blue and white stripped dungarees, yellow bow tie, red pipe cleaner tail, boxed, 1964 - 1966 Mr Jinks is from Hanna Barbera's Pixie and Dixie animated TV shows; another SL Bom the Toy Drummer, from Enid Blyton - Pelham Puppets SL Range, large moulded head, black painted hair and features, black eyes, large composite hands with closed fingers, metal strip knee joints, string above knees, wearing red helmet and uniform, all boxed (4)


SOLD £85.00
Pelham Puppets - SL Charlie Brown - Peanuts-, moulded plastic head, body, hands and feet, beaded and strung limbs, 1980-1985; another SS range White-Faced Clown, white head painted with facial features, strung plastic knee joints, chained arm links, moulded white gloved hands, red felt cap, electric blue hair, yellow and red tunic, red and white trousers, late 1970s/early 1980s, a Pelham Puppet Theater (3)


SOLD £25.00
Pelham Puppets, SL Archie Andrews, first version, from Peter Brough's radio and television show, Pelham Puppets SL Range, solid moulded small head, painted features, brown eyes, moulded composite hands, metal strip knee joints, wearing a white shirt with red and white striped long sleeve jacket, red and white striped scarf and grey trousers, boxed with Bob Pelham's business card as director of Pelham Puppets, instructions and a letter from the Pelpup Club, c.1953


SOLD £190.00
Pelham Puppets SL 63 Range, Bulldog, hollow moulded head, painted features, four finger composite hands, string through plastic knee joints, wearing a blue jumper, red and white checked trousers, boxed with instructions, c.1963


SOLD £400.00
Walt Disney - a Theatre type animated display unit with five Pelham puppets, comprising Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy, red felt base, wooden constructed unit, red curtains, palace interior back scene, 73cm high x 51cm wide x 38cm deep, fitted with motor


SOLD £35.00
Dolls, Juvenalia and Accessories . Condition Report: An Armand Marseille bisque headed doll, number 390, with open mouth, rolling eyes and composition articulated body, complete with original clothes and leather shoes, circa 1900.


SOLD £80.00
Dolls, Juvenalia and Accessories . Condition Report: An Armand Marseille bisque head and shoulder doll, impressed 370, A.M 2,1/2 DEP, Armand Marseille, blond wig, open close eyes, open mouth, leather body, composite limbs, 54cm high


SOLD £40.00
Dolls, Juvenalia and Accessories . Condition Report: A Porzellanfabrik Burggrub bisque head Princess Elizabeth doll, blonde wig, closing blue eyes, open mouth showing upper teeth, bent limb composition body, clothed, 52cm high, impressed Princess Elizabeth 5, Made in Germany, D.R.G.M.


SOLD £300.00
A Chad Valley jointed mohair bear, horizontally stitched snout, stud to ear, label to foot, 68cm high, c.1935


SOLD £95.00
A Steiff (Germany) mohair Mungo the monkey, straw filled body, blue glass eyes, 22cm high, paper label, ear button lacking; a Steiff Coco the monkey, grey mohair body, green glass eyes, red leather collar, paper label, ear button lacking (2)


est £0.00 - £0.00 (unsold)
A Steiff (Germany) grey mohair elephant, 8317/00, grey felt pads, red saddlecloth with gilt brass bells, black and white button eyes, moulded plastic tusks, trademark button to ear and yellow tag, 16cm high; a Steiff type mohair reclining tiger, button eyes, stitched pink nose, button and tag lacking, 34cm wide (2)


est £0.00 - £0.00 (unsold)
A Steiff (Germany) white mohair Lamby, 3450/28, glass eyes, paper label, trademark button and yellow tag to ear, 26cm high; a Steiff golden mohair kid goat, 6322/00, green glass eyes, trademark button and yellow tag to ear, 17.5cm high (2)


est £0.00 - £0.00 (unsold)
A Steiff (Germany) mohair tabby kitten, 2700/00, green glass eyes, pink stitched nose, trademark button and yellow tag to ear, 14cm high; others similar, some with Steiff buttons (8)


SOLD £90.00
A Steif (Germany) blonde mohair hare, 2900/14, brown and black glass eyes, stitched nose, trademark button and yellow tag to ear, 20cm long; a Steiff blonde mohair miniature rabbit, 2310/03, ear button and yellow tag; a miniature Steiff blonde mohair jointed rabbit; two others, all with trademark buttons to ear (5)


SOLD £65.00
A Steiff blonde mohair rabbit, resting on his haunches, trademark button to ear, 22cm high; two other Steiff blonde mohair rabbits, trademark buttons to ears; two Tara mohair rabbits, with Made in Republic of Ireland labels, 20th century (5)


SOLD £30.00
A Steiff (Germany) mohair tabby cat, green glass eyes, stitched pink nose, poseable head, trademark button and yellow label to ear, 20cm high; two others similar, both with trademark buttons (3)


SOLD £55.00
A late 19th/early 20th century Rocking Horse, dappled grey patina, leather saddle, horse hair main, (detached), metal hinge arms, turned columns, saddle height 88cm, 114cm head height


SOLD £350.00
A Victorian wicker four wheel push chair, black and yellow woven body, metal sprung coil suspension, padded seat, turned handle, ten spoke wheels, rubber tyres 93cm high c1899


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
An early Victorian coach built three wheel pram, yellow body, black lined panels, sprung suspension, eight spoke wooden wheels, over stuffed buttoned Chesterfield seat, red trim, arching metal arms, turned wooden handle, 87cm high, c 1855


est £40.00 - £60.00 (unsold)
An early Victorian Parker Brothers three wheel coach built pram, black curved body, gilt and red double line banding, coach sprung suspension, painted red detail, twelve spoke metal wheels, stuffed button back leather seat, detachable folding parasol, arched metal arms, brass and pottery handle, labelled with Gold Medal Award winners badge, 98cm high


est £200.00 - £300.00 (unsold)
Radio Controlled - a 1:32 scale kit built model boat ''Walter Garth'', Liverpool, Single screw, Torpedo 800 electric motor, Futaba S3003 servos, labelled Mobile Marina Models, 93cm long


SOLD £50.00
Radio Controlled - a kit built model World War II period Torpedo Boat ''SGB9'', twin screw drive, brass propellers, two Hectoperm 12V electrical motors, powered rotating rear canon, five section top, labelled J T Whyman, 185cm long


SOLD £55.00
Radio Controlled - a kit built model Pleasure Cruiser ''Lady Helen'', electrical torpedo 850 motor, single screw propeller, 140cm long, part refurbished


est £0.00 - £0.00 (unsold)
Radio Controlled - a kit built metal model of the German U-boat submarine, U 47, No1114, possibly by Robbe Models, twin screw electrical operation, realistic distressed patina, 170cm long


SOLD £160.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 5001 to 5048     Page 1 of 7
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