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Gallery Pictures and Prints Sale [ARCHIVE]

Specialist gallery pictures and prints sale

Lots per page: 24
Lots 3000 to 3023     Page 1 of 10
A Cracknall The Gift of a Posy signed, watercolour, 13cm x 17.5cm


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
A D Bell (pseudonym of Wilfred Knox 1884 - 1966) Drying Sails signed, dated 1954, watercolour, 25cm x 36cm


SOLD £40.00
A D Bell (pseudonym of Wilfred Knox 1884 - 1966) Rowing Out, Boats on a Choppy Sea signed, dated 1914, 26.5cm x 37.5cm


SOLD £30.00
A portfolio of mid-20th century English drawings and preparatory sketches, including portraits, couture ladies, nudes, other figurative drawings, landscapes, etc,. mixed media, various sizes, some mounted (15)


SOLD £30.00
A** Canella? (Spanish School) Cavalier and Horse in Stable Archway indistinctly signed, 19cm x 14cm


est £100.00 - £150.00 (unsold)
A**Delafontaine (19th century) Portrait of a Young Girl, wearing blanket signed, dated 1871, watercolour, 25cm x 20cm


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
Allan Chidgey - a folio of watercolours, Studies of Female Nudes, signed, dated 99, typically 51.5cm x 35.5cm


est £80.00 - £120.00 (unsold)
An interesting collection of watercolours and oil paintings, various subjects, landscapes, topography and architecture, mostly 19th century (16)


SOLD £25.00
Andrew Beer A pair, Sheep Grazing signed, watercolour, 25cm x 44cm


est £60.00 - £80.00 (unsold)
Anglo-Chinese School (19th/early 20th century) Sail and Steamship signed with initials, gouache, 13cm x 20cm


SOLD £60.00
Arthur Edward Davies (1893 - 1988) Rural View, Little Baddow, Near Witham, Essex signed, inscribed to verso, watercolour, 18.5cm x 26cm


est £60.00 - £100.00 (unsold)
Attributed to Charles Robertson R.W.S Mending the Nets watercolour and gouache, 12cm x 20cm


SOLD £70.00
Attributed to John Morley Jnr A Mosque Near Cairo inscribed to verso, watercolour, 11.5cm x 18.5cm


SOLD £35.00
Bryan Conway Opening The Clamp, winter farming signed, watercolour, 39.5cm x 55cm, framed


SOLD £25.00
C E Rowe Along the Coast, Boats on the Horizon signed, watercolour, 15.5cm x 27cm


est £30.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
Captain Phillips R.A The Romaic Dance signed, watercolour, 10cm x 16.5cm


est £25.00 - £35.00 (unsold)
Claude Hayes (1852 - 1922) A Pair, Near Farnham and Near Minstead Hants signed, watercolours, 33cm x 51cm


SOLD £110.00
Cuthbert Gresley (1876 - 1963) Repton Church and Harvest signed, watercolour, 40.5cm x 65cm


SOLD £160.00
David Birtwhistle (Bn.1947) Porter's Mill signed, watercolour, 26cm x 38cm


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
David Thomas Turrets and Domes signed, watercolour, 19.5cm x 14cm


est £30.00 - £50.00 (unsold)
Deninger A set of three, Oberammergau signed, watercolour, 12cm x 10cm


SOLD £20.00
Edward Clifford (1844 - 1907) Ravello signed, titled, dated 9th April 1903, gouache on paper, 30cm x 45cm


est £80.00 - £120.00 (unsold)
Elizabeth Ploughman at Work signed, dated, watercolour, 17cm x 26cm


est £30.00 - £40.00 (unsold)
Elliot Henry Marten (Scottish 1886 - 1910) From Cissbury to the Sea signed, watercolour, 17cm x 25cm


SOLD £20.00
Lots per page: 24
Lots 3000 to 3023     Page 1 of 10
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